by Maria Suzanne Plana |

The Philippines is known to celebrate the longest holiday season. Once the calendar hits the ‘ber’ months, Filipinos start to rejoice and Christmas paraphernalia are sold almost everywhere.

Aside from the joyful jests on the streets, here are some of the best things about the Holidays in the Philippines:


One of the best things about being Filipino is the food and during the holidays everything becomes more delicious. Sooner or later, foods like holiday ham, puto bumbong, and some varieties of bibingka that were hard to find in the earlier months will be available anywhere. Also, holidays is the best excuse to over indulge yourself in ubeng halaya, leche flan, and anything that would satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.


People in the Philippines value their loved ones and friends the most. The holidays is the best season to schedule reunions and family gatherings for almost everyone is available. Gatherings during the Holidays in the Philippines is a good way to unwind, you can reconnect with old friends and relatives, enjoy typical Filipino food, and sing your heart out while doing the karaoke.

Christmas lights shows

Almost as early as the month of September, Filipino households begin to slowly decorate the facades of their homes with colorful Christmas lights and decorations. And by the end of the holidays, every street is as picturesque as the New York City skyline at night. Also, do not forget to look out for light shows, like those by Ayala, scheduled throughout the season.

Holiday songs

The mark of the beginning of the holidays in the Philippines is the echoing holiday songs. Some love it, some hate it, but it definitely helps when you are having a bad day. Christmas hit songs like those from Jose Marie Chan will not only be played through establishments like malls and restaurants but even from your simple sari-sari stores. That’s why every Filipino knows these songs by heart.


Shopping is more fun in the Philippines especially during the holidays. You will surely spend a lot but it is usually on great deals. Malls, kiosks, and other establishments organize sales here and there. And if it is not a bother for you to sail through a bunch of people, you can actually find cheaper finds in Divisoria, Baclaran, and Quiapo at this time of the year.

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