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Starlite Ferries, Inc. proudly brings the country’s first highly modernized mid-sized passenger fleet, the Starlite Saturn. Starlite Saturn is designed for Philippine rough waters and built with safety features that adhere to international standards, and the reliable and efficient performance demanded by the market.

It is the newest signature fleet of RoRo vessels classed by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK) an international non-profit organization that provides certification and classification services to 20% of the world’s fleet.

Each stage of the marine vessel’s development-from-design, to planning, to production-was meticulously managed and crafted by some of the world’s best marine designers and engineers, creating a world-class open water, sea-going vessel.

Starlite Saturn
Starlite Ferries Owner Francis Cusi (Right)

Leading Safety Measures: Customized Design. Enhanced Stability. International Maritime Organization (IMO)-compliant.

Starlite Saturn


  • Service speed f 13.5 knots or nautical miles per hour
  • Rounded hull (rests deeper in the water for greater stability)
  • Bow thruster for vessel assistive maneuverability
  • Bulbous bow (cut through waves more efficiently)
  • 2,700 gross ton ship
  • 711 passengers, 20 drivers in bunk (upper deck)
  • 21 buses (hold)
  • Designed to navigate Philippine waters

Starlite Ferries Inc. BG

  • 100 percent Filipino owned
  • Pioneered in 1995
  • Batangas-Calapan first route
  • With Roxas-Caticlan, and Roxas-Odiongan
  • More routes to be opened connecting Luzon to Mindanao
  • Emphasizes passenger convenience and safety
  • First class – air conditioned cabins, reclining seats and armrest Starlite Saturn
  • Business class – air con
  • Economy class- budget travelers comfortable seating and other amenities
  • Vessels made by Kegoya Dockyards in Kure City Hiroshima Japan


  • Elevator (for pwd)
  • Two passenger ramps
  • CCTV cameras
  • Room with beds (passengers with med conditions. Breastfeeding mothers) diaper changing station
  • Playpen
  • Helipad for emergency medical evacuation

Starlight Vessels Features:

  • Enhanced safety features
    • Watertight form car deck to main deck – better stability and safety
    • Railings on both sides for emergencies such as tilting or listing to one side
    • Wide stairs for fast and safe evacuation
  • Advanced safety systems
    • Equipped with Automatic identification System which is an automatic tracking system for identifying and locating nearby vessels
    • GPS navigator with video plotter to accurately plot the vessel’s location
    • Doppler log that echoes sea depth
    • Navtex receiver to forecast weather condition
    • RADAR wth automatic radar plotting aid (ARPA)
    • BNWAS Bride Navigational Watch Alarm System
    • Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRBs)
    • Regular navigational and meteorological weather warnings and forecasts
    • Propuson systems and bow thrusters for easy maneuvering