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One of the most anticipated holidays of the year is Christmas. Yes! well aside from your birthday. Personally, every time I hear Christmas songs played on the radio, malls, as in anywhere it really makes my heart skip a beat. It just feels great to know that it’s Christmas. Aside from the fact of having unlimited Christmas parties, reunions; company shutdown and vacation but actually it’s the time of the year where you can be a kid once more.

What’s the best excuse of buying yourself a toy? It’s Christmas!

So here are some of the toys that both kids and adult will love… and played together:

Battery-Operated Pets– it can walk, bark/meow, wag tails, definitely these toys is a must-have especially to those who have allergies or their HOA do not allow pets in their units. Surely both kids and at heart will love these cuties.

Veggie Plush – not everyone adores veggies. Well this toy might be helpful both kids and adult to appreciated the benefits of having vegetable on our plate. It’s really cute though make you wanna have your own mini-farm inside your house.

Clay – why not join your kids enhance their imagination and creativity while playing. Clay will allow you to unleash the artist inside you.

Foam-based weaponry – this product is made from a solid, spongy cellular material. To produce it, polyester resin reacts with another compound in the presence of CO2 from another reaction. It is this gas that creates open pockets within the polyurethane that, in turn, make the material soft and light.

Building brick – these brick pieces can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct objects; vehicles, buildings, and working robots. Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and the pieces used to make other objects. Surely the best father-son bonding moment.

Magnetic Construction Set – this toy is best for brain development not just for kids but also the adult.

Toys are not just an item played. It is something that will always remind us to be young, innocent and happy. So if you’re a little stressed in life, buy yourself a toy. Remember Toys can also be an investment. 🙂

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