Pinoy bands

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OPM is not dead! The Pinoy music industry is regaining its popularity and listening to live band music has become a thing again. Among the pool of bands and artists booming in the local and indie scene, here are some bands that stood out the most:

Farewell Fair Weather

Pinoy bands

If you are into soulful music, you might not want to miss out on this band. Farewell Fair Weather is a soul-fusion band with roots from the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music. Their music is most often a beautiful concoction of various genres influenced by the members’ different tastes in music and is incorporated with a mix of classical and modern styles that results in a soothing melody.

Recommended songs: Rough Skies, Beyond, Sakali


Pinoy bands

SUD is a 7 member band that offers alternative soul rock music which they coined as “baby making music”. Their songs will make you feel passionately in love with lyrics inspired from love and love making. There is no other way to describe Sud’s music aside from being sexy. They are just too sexy!

Recommended songs: Sila, Smilky, Ghost


Pinoy bands

This four member instrumental band started out as a duo who didn’t expect to perform live.  But in December 2011, tide/edit became a full band that definitely stood out. It is not too often that you find a band that can make you feel things without words. Tide/edit’s music is a great way to appreciate raw art.

Recommended songs: Always Right Never Left, Afloat, Pagbangon

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