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Ever wondered how Filipinos thought about how rice and different kinds of viands came to be the perfect match? In whatever way they did it, it will always be a blessing to the Filipinos because it has become a staple food for everybody, supplying carbs and energy needed for the day. Add to that, the Philippines is one of the top exporters of rice in the world. Rice is usually served in both ordinary and specials days, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, birthdays, family reunions and the like. It’s something that one must not miss when planning a menu, because every viand comes with rice.


The Filipinos are so used to this but when it comes to foreign people, it is something unique because unlike us, they are used to eat bread or pasta as their staple food.  Antonio Atienza, a renowned jeweler and owner of Golden Hills Jewelry Inc. learned about his foreign friends’ search for local cuisine, so he decided to present his idea to Ronald Callao. And then, the bright idea has started. Boy Kanin was born.


Boy Kanin is a food stall that you could find inside a mall or a public place that offers rice meals. Each bowl consists of flavored rice and sauce or Pinoy viand of your choice. They also serve “silog,” a rice meal with garlic fried rice, an egg and meat, usually fried. Here’s a menu of Boy Kanin:


Customers who are on-the-go could choose any of their favorites and munch on it wherever and whenever convenient because it is packed in paper boxes, which makes it easy to eat. From the menu, you could notice that they serve viands that Filipinos love, making it feel like you’re eating your mom’s homemade specialty for lunch, for a very reasonable price. Even Boy Kanin’s burrito consists of rice, cheese, and meat, unlike the Mexican version which tastes different from a Pinoy’s usual snack.

boy kanin

With all the food parks, themed cafes, and burger joints which popped out in different parts of the country, some of the Filipinos’ tastes have changed as they join the trend. But, we all must not forget that even when we have developed our liking for westernized or foreign-looking food, rice will always be something that we would look for. And in case you suddenly crave for something that would remind you of home, Boy Kanin will always be available.

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