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If there’s one lesson young adults ought to learn, it should be Maturity: maturity in loving. Maturity not to be bitter when things do not work out. Maturity to understand that life could be unfair, and maturity not to make things worse.

Let’s accept it. Life is sometimes fair, and sometimes it is not.

The years go by and we learn that life throws us enough challenges for us to overcome. We level up in maturity and wisdom as we face each challenge squarely. The trick is not to run away but to use each and every talent God has given us to overcome life’s curve balls. The bonus? We get more learnings which are turned into additional weapons or tools to face life the next day.

Love is a battlefield. You win some and lose some. But remember that it is only one aspect of life. There are other parts of life that matter more than a CERTAIN relationship. There are others who need your attention and many more you can love. Relationships are important indeed, still, there are lessons that need to be learned and challenges that need to be overcome, just like in any other facet of life.

Remember that there will always be another fight to face, another challenge to overcome — tomorrow. Be wise. Be mature enough to know that these are what makes life fun. It’s like the favorite video game or game app that you grew up with. Each level you fail means you have to push the restart button to begin again. As long as there’s life, there’s a chance to get up and fight another day. Level up as you learn new things and new tricks. Pick up those pebbles of wisdom and use them in a timely manner.

You’ll win. You just know you will.


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