Former DENR Secretary Mike Defensor with Tawi-Tawi Mayor, Mang Sali in a recent visit. (Photo from FB of Sec. Mike.)

by Homerun Nievera | Bravo Filipino |

In a Facebook post, former DENR Secretary Mike Defensor shared his thoughts on the announcement of Presumptive President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte on a plan to put four leftists on his cabinet.

Understandably, reactions on social media were quite mixed. With a nation divided by various dialects, ideologies, and religions for decades and even centuries, today’s so called millennials may have a common ground on, “why not?” for the sake of peace.

Sec. Mike and I belong to one fraternity, the Alpha Sigma, in UP Diliman, besides him being 2 batches below me in UPIS. He is one of our ultra-achievers and his thoughts always resonate the loudest (and with respect) among us, his peers and brothers. I want to share what he wrote such that it may shed a bit of light on the so called “communist” issue.

Here is his post:

Many were quite surprised when Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte announced recently that he is giving the Communist Party 4 cabinet departments, namely; the DENR, DSWD, the DOLE and the DAR . The thought sends chills to the guileless, innocent of the goings on of the activist movement and those unexposed to the left. But to many student activists, the so called communists are those they go with to school, discuss with and join in immersions and rallies. There are those who continued the path of activism and became part of the communist movement. There also those who are now professionals who in their own small way contribute in the social transformation of our country. I admire the friends I had in UP who sacrificed their lives in joining the CPP-NPA when they could have chosen a more comfortable life when they had the means to do so and the competence to excel in a normal world. Amante Jimenez, UP student council chairperson and Roland Dela Cruz, Adamson University chairperson (who died in the mountains) are a few of those individuals. We may disagree with the ideology they have embraced but we cannot question the integrity and sincerity of these individuals who have sacrificed their future and their lives for the poor of this nation.

I was a member of the Kabataang Makabayan during my college days. My unit then was in the UP and later on in the youth sector of the National Union of Students of the Philippines. The CPP gave an orientation to my colleagues in the NUSP and as a student was part of the CPP. I made mention of this because I know of so many people who were part of the Communist Party which may be unknown to many. Sen. Francis Pangilinan, Sec. Rene Velasco, Sec. Nani Braganaza, Sec. and Amb. Bobbi Tiglao, Usec. Efren Moncupa, Cong Miro Quimbo, Cong. Kit Belmonte, Mayor Ed Pamintuan, Atty. Ruel Pulido, Philhealth Pres. Alexander Padilla, UP Prof. Raymund Agapito, among others. The names I listed were those friends from my student days and those I worked with after college. There are still many which I failed to list down and I apologize. My point in writing this is to inform my friends that the Communist Party is not a shadowy organization out to kill and conquer our nation but a group of individuals who sincerely want change for the betterment of this country.

I am quite close to some officials of the military and the police. I know that situations like this can cause uneasiness and anxiety to them. It is not so much because of ideology but many of our soldiers die in encounters with the NPA guerillas. So for them, the fight is not just political but personal as many of their colleagues and men have died fighting the so-called communist. But I also know that the idealist soldiers want change. When you talk to the men in uniform, many of them speak of change as a communist would. Many of our military and police officers died poor, integrity intact in the service of our nation. My cousin Col. Jun Parcon of the marines, who is a medal of valor and a TOYM awardee, lives in a small apartment and continuous to live a spartan life along with his family.

Do not be scared of the CPP entering the cabinet. This may be the step towards finally ending a decades old war which commands the biggest armed resistance in the whole world. The CPP are composed of real individuals who care, eat, empathize and cry like all of us. The departments mentioned are where they can effectuate change and reform instead of protesting and carrying arms in fighting for the rights of our people. If this happens, the next step is to lay down their arms and work for peace and progress of the Filipino nation.

What is your take on this?

Featured Photo: Former DENR Secretary Mike Defensor with Tawi-Tawi Mayor, Mang Sali in a recent visit. (Photo from FB of Sec. Mike.)



    It was the communist who fought valiantly the Japanese aggressor last world war two – The HUKBALAHAP (Huhkbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon ).
    The only real one who fought Marcos Martial law.

    The AFP surrender to the Japanese last World War II.
    They wait for the American colonizer. (What’s difference between them and Japan? Nothing. They were all foreign invader) to tell them what to do when it was their country’s neck who was at stake.

    It was the AFP who made Martial happened. killed, tortured, make people disappeared with traces and imprison many of our fellowmen who dare fight against Marcos and Martial law.

  2. Wow! This is indeed Mayor Digong Duterte, our presumptive president thinking bold and out of the box! Am so glad I voted and vigorously campaigned for him, to the dismay and even hostility of my friends. I told them I believe it is only Mayor Duterte who can bring about genuine change as the rest will only continue and preserve the status quo; preserve and protect their interests and those of their friends and supporters! Even now, even before Mayor Digong assumes office as the next president of the Philippines, we can already feel the winds of change blowing into our land! God bless the Philippines! God bless us all!

  3. Communism and Democracy are ideologies that contradict each other. Mix them together and you get a government going in opposite directions.

  4. there have been many communists in government service in past administrations…so what’s the big deal???

  5. Former Sec. Mike Defensor’s another terrible mistake is when he reverted then DENR Sec. Alvarez adjudication of the prohibition of open-pit mining the watershed of Mindoro island. Instead he gave the miner Intex the permission to open-pit mine the Mindoro island watershed —definitely a favor to intex but a violation of the 1995 Mining Act and exposing the Mindorenos lives, livelihood and properties to the perennial risks of flooding from the unpredictable monsoon rains This allowance of the Intex open-pit mining will also expose Mindoro from the sulfuric acidified tailings of the High Pressure Acid Leaching of mineral ores wherever Intex will locate that processing plant.. Mike Defensor, this should keep you awake nights !!!!.

  6. If this could pave a way for a lasting peace, im so much ready to embrace this. Its time to reunite. Afterall, we all live in the same land. We are all but one Filipino..

  7. We are 7,100 islands, we are so divided already geographically, ideology, religion and what nots. If a leader can unite us all and fight injustices and foreign invaders like China… be it.

  8. We always ask and clamor for peace, but peace can not be achieved with people always having negative thoughts. We can never achieve it if we do not try. Let’s give our nation this chance….

  9. Mike Defensor’s take is welcome. But for the NPA to lay down arms is tantamount to suicide. No. That irreparable error was made by the PKP of the Lavas way back. And what happened? It was a big big setback of the People’s War which was at the time was very far from having achieved complete victory and the liberation of the nation from neocolonial bondage. For the NPA to lay down arms would be a betrayal of the people’s cause – the people’s demand for real Change.

    • If NPA is for the people why are they collecting “revolutionary tax” to almost everyone especially those poor farmers in the municipalities that i know, even scaring to kill or hurt them if they did not pay up? NPA is nothing but a menace to society, a misrepresetation of the ideology of communism. I voted but i dont trust if the communist that he will place is from the CPP-NPA to be with the government.

  10. The communists tried to overthrow the governmemt. This is like giving keys to your house to people who tried to burn it down.

  11. we are looking for solutions for the long time fighting in this country, I this solution can be effective why not to take? there already many lives has been wasted in this nonsense fighting. Let us try this one, and make a comments pag pumalpak.

  12. all of us want peace in our country. MAYOR, offered same agencies in our government to our Filipino brother’s (the communist) I agree; but, we must be watchful at all time.

  13. Obviously, more pro-communist conditioning by posters here. Look at the old Soviet bloc and other Socialist countries and compare them with democratic countries. Which of the two sides have people who lost decades of rights and privileges that they could have enjoyed if they were given a choice? Sure, democracy may suck at times, but people can freely express their opinions (compare our free press to China and North Korea). As far as I know, the CPP-NPA toes along the more repressive Maoist and not the more liberal type of communism. But if you want your Facebook, Twittter and other social media rights curtailed (just like in China) if you want to ever criticize the government, then go ahead.

  14. Democracy and Communism are two ideologies which are far apart in their approaches to governance, politically, economically, socially, and morally. the CCP is sworn to bring about the downfall of the duly instituted republican government and assume the domination of freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness by regimentation. if the wishes of Mr. DU30 is followed, you can expect that in a year or less, we will be under the rule of the CCP under the hands of Communist China. what price is Peace then?????

  15. I see better future for everyone under the leadership of our new President Duterte. His wisdom and determination to make our country safer place to live in will not only bring peace but also boost our economy. As we all know we are one of the blessed countries with rich natural resources which can help the country’s economy but due to our crime rate most of foreign tycoons are discouraged to invest. With President like TATAY NG KAPAYAPAAN DIGONG I smell peace and prosperity. His brave decision to give 4 Departments to the communist party is very impressive but what made me admire him more is not his brave actions but the faith and perseverance to discipline his people for better tomorrow. Who could ever be more brave than him to put his life in danger for his nation???
    Sir Mike: Sir you should be the next president hehe we need more leaders like you!

  16. I personally believe in such a leadership which deliver positive results to favor the poor and the unleatned

  17. A leader who deliver positive results favoring the poor and the needy will surely be acceptable this moment in time.

  18. Prosperity and peace in this country can only be achieved if anyone of us will do our respective tasks. Du30 cannot do it alone, simply not. Lets do our shares in whatever capacity we can. Now na! Tomorrow may be too late…


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