25 Classic Traits to know if someone is a Filipino

Patricia Aleckzandra | BravoFilipino

  1. Filipino points with their lips. While Americans are accurate when it comes in giving directions, we Filipinos have a distinct way to do so. Instead of using North, South, East or West, or the traditional way of looking for the address, we give directions by pointing with our lips. And amazingly, other Filipinos could understand where we point.
  1. Filipino nicknames often repeat it. When I was a kid, I call my aunts, uncles and even cousins with tito Jun-Jun, kuya Mon-mon, ate Bing-bing, ate Ning-ning, ate Che-che, ate Len-len, tita Nene, tita Gigi, and more.
  1. We have the “Pssst” Syndrome. There is a way to call every Filipinos’ attention in a room packed of people. It is through “pssst” or what we call in Tagalog as Do this in any public place; surely Filipinos would be turning heads to look for the one who did it.
  1. We refer to the friend of our mom or dad as “tito” or “tita”. Even our friends’ parents. Even if you’re not related by blood, you call them “tito” or “tita” as a sign of respect.
  1. When cooking, patis or fish sauce and toyo or soy sauce is essential. Because Filipinos love to have a tasty meal, we use a lot of condiments to enhance a dish’s flavor. In Filipino celebrations, two condiments are often used for cooking and preparation of dishes. Even as a dip, these two are really in demand on Filipino tables.
  1. When we forget something, we use “Kwan” to pertain to it. “Kunin mo nga kwan ko.”, “Kwan, iabot mo nga ito kay kwan.”, “Bumili ka ng sampung kwan.”, and a lot more kwan will be coming your way specially if your grandmother or grandfather forgets someone. One time, my grandmother asked me to buy something from the store. She said, “Alex! Bumili ka nga ng kwan kay na kwan.” I stood there waiting for what it kwan is but she can’t remember. In her frustration, she went out to buy it herself. Turns out, her kwan was Ajinamoto.
  1. We follow the Filipino time. This is a bad trait but a lot of Filipinos still unconsciously follow it. Filipino time is arriving late an hour or so in the given schedule, or starting a program later than the said time. Hopefully, we get rid of it someday.
  1. We unite for Gilas Pilipinas games and Pac-man’s fight. Did you know that during fights of the People’s Champ, crime rate around the Philippines lowers? And more than half of the population who has a television actually watches Gilas Pilipinas’ games? We are in full blown support for our teams! And we will keep on supporting them. PUSO! LABAN!
  1. Parents scare their kids with tikbalang, kapre and manananggal. To Filipino kids, nothing is as scary as the mentioned entities. Stories of witchcraft and Boogey man is nothing compared to the stories of these Filipino entities. Children forcefully go to sleep in fear that they might see them awake and snatch them out of bed. Personally, also used to be scared of them.
  1. To make amends with a duwende, offer food. And incense. Lighting up incense sticks will also help.
  1. The concept of “Malapit lang. Pwedeng lakarin” is actually not what it really is. Most of the time it means “Just go a hundred meters more, turn to the left and then right and walk a hundred meters more.” Expect this often in province.
  1. There is an altar in your living room, and a Santo Nino always be seen. We are religious folks. And we hold on to our faith dearly.
  1. “Tabo” or a dipper is highly needed in every bathroom. As well as sachets of shampoos and conditioners.
  1. Owning a sari-sari store as a way of living. I have an aunt whose children graduated through her sari-sari store income.
  1. Eating balut is fascinating. While other nations call it primitive, we call it delicious.
  1. After washing our clothes, we hang them out to let it dry. Because we don’t want them to smell
  1. BASKETBALL is the “unofficial” national sport. Even if Arnis is the country’s national sport, basketball is loved by many!
  1. We have a Batong Buhay instead of a bath scrub. You can also use it to crush tawas.
  1. We name our pets according to the color or appearance or what they do. Instead of Fifi, or Poochie, or Fiona, we Filipinos are very creative when it comes to naming our pets. Name your white cat Milky or your black dog Blackie and surely, everyone will think it’s cute and normal.
  1. Our parents call their older kids as “ate” or “kuya” so the younger brother will call his/her older siblings “ate” or “kuya” too. Because we believe that the young ones would mimic the older people.
  1. Katingko and Efficascent Oil is the cure for body pain. EVERY BODY ACHE for that matter.
  1. Kneeling on mongo beans, or rice, or salt is a punishment. No, we don’t go with the “Go to your room” or “No dinner for you!” stuff, instead Filipino kids are punished by kneeling on mongo beans, rice or salt. Sometimes, to make it more horrible, they place books on both of your hands. They did that to me ONCE and I never ever do what I did.
  1. In gatherings, most Filipino would serve Coke. And the food for long life of all Filipinos, PANCIT!
  1. Filipino homes usually have stored plastic bags. This we should thank our grandmothers and mothers for. Plastic bags are really handy.
  1. We understand what “Bababa ba?” No, we are not descendants of the Minion community. But if you are a Filipino, well… you will surely know what “Bababa ba?” means.

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