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To fall in love with a gamer or not? Yesterday, Myx Philippines posted a #‎MYXHugot on their Facebook pag that said: “Wag magmahal ng gamer, paglalaruan ka lang nyan.” And it gained a lot of reactions from the online community, especially from gamers themselves.


But from a girl who’s in a relationship with a gamer, my stand would be: masarap magmahal at mahalin ng isang gamer.

Bakit? Here are some perks of falling in love with a gamer:

No giving up

When you fall in love with a gamer, wala sa vocabulary nya ang salitang “give up.” Just like any game, every relationship has different stages that gets harder and harder. Pero ang isang gamer tuloy lang kahit nahihirapan na malagpasan ung mga obstacles na dumadating.

Strategy Master

Marami syang alam na strategy para malagpsan yung mga pagsubok. Pwede siya gumamit ng lambing skills, samahan pa ng mga cards ng surprises para manalo at makuha yung matamis mong pag-ibig.

Recharge lang ang katapat

Dahil ang isang relationship ay parang Battle Arena at tulad ng kahit sinong hero sa game, “recharge” lang ang katapat kapag gamer ang boyfriend para lumakas uli at patuloy na magmahal.

The Real Winner

Pero higit sa lahat, kapag nagmahal ka ng isang gamer, mas madalas ikaw ang panalo. kasi okay lang sakanya matalo sayo dahil alam nyang okay lang matalo para mas mapanalunan ung premyo – ikaw at yung relasyon nyo.

As Allain Joseph commented on Myx Philippines’s photo:

Dear Myx,

In every game we play, We always win, (want to win, will do everything to win)

But when it comes to Relationship, we always lose.
You know why?
Because we never play with it!

Gamer here.


  1. I thought for sure wala ng myx, because of the digital age, may nanonood pa ba ng Myx? Haha!

    Anyhow, I saw that photo they posted from a friend and what a stupid hugot line, I think it was supposed to be the word “Player” and not gamer but apparently, someone over at Myx wasn’t doing their job thus the very wrong statement about gamers.

    Shame on you Myx! And seriously, to the person who made the photo, you have one job! Lol 😛


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