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Ozzias T. Villaver Jr., Ed. D. | BravoFilipino

Many researches had attested that “the quality of learning attained by the learners is related to the quality of teaching done by the teacher.” In fact, proactive teachers had varied experiences in their long years of teaching.  I’ve asked some of my co-teachers who spent one to two or more decades teaching, the big question: “Why do you stay long in your teaching career or profession?

Here’s a summary of their answers:

  1. Continuous Learning.  The day-to-day in and out of classroom encounter between the teachers and the learners helps teachers themselves to learn many new things.  These encourage them to study and read further the realities of new technology related to their subjects. The E-journal technology and new reading materials, for instances,  enable them to enjoy discovering anew about their field of interest.
  2. New Friends Everyday.  Teachers meet new faces everyday inside and outside of their  classroom. These young people make them young too. When friendship is established, certainly, such relationship extends to the families of the learners.
  3. Love and Respect.  The happy and sad moments might had passed but the most treasured experiences of the teachers were those time when the learners showed their sincere closeness and respect to them as second parents and someone to confide with. A priceless joy for the teachers, indeed.
  4.  Formator of Future Leaders.  Teachers play a very significant role in shaping the future leaders of their community, particularly, and the country, in general.   Because they assiduously instilled the seeds of good leaderships in the mind and heart of men and women who desire great changes in their community and the country. They believe that molding rightly the progressive mind and the characters of their students would bring out positive effects to them; and so, these teachers continue to endure teaching in more lengthy years in order to form/produce good, productive/dignified citizens and leaders of the community and the country.
  5. Sense of Fulfillment.  It is truly a great joy for teachers to see their students finished their studies. Seeing their students receiving their diplomas, getting decent job, obtaining an honorable position in the government and private agency, saving life in other’s worst situation, obtaining a good job abroad and helping the most needy people to survive in their life are but only a few situation  where teachers become so proud and fulfilled in their noble mission as teachers.
  6. A Way of Life.  What matters in teaching is the joy and contentment, the commitment and dedication, the fulfillment and new discoveries and learning gained in the course of their teaching career life despite of meager compensation or intricacies in the interpersonal relationship within their circle. A very vital part of the teachers’ life.

And so, teachers who really stay long in teaching find gratification or self-satisfaction and fulfillment. Because of their unconditional commitment, passion and love for teaching, they remain in their noble educator’s world. Their heroic acts and sacrifices are beyond measures. They will even continue to teach even after their retirement period and beyond. A way of life. A Vocation. As a saying goes, “Once a teacher always a teacher.”