Primary Differences Between SEO and Digital Marketing 

BravoFilipino | Primary Differences Between SEO and Digital MarketingInternet is a growing technology and with its evolution, new revolutions are being ushered in our world. Internet, as a tool, is so powerful that it has made all those things possible which seemed to be impossible in the earlier days. It has also changed the way we conduct our businesses and daily activities. 

One of the fields which have been completely altered with the help of the internet is the marketing industry. In the older days, the primary sources of marketing were billboards, posters, radios, TV’s, etc, but not anymore. While these modes are still used actively, the internet has been taken up as the primary source of marketing.

There are various reasons to back this change. Since the reach of the internet is always increasing, there is always a greater audience to reach, there are always new tools that you can use and there are always new techniques evolving in SEO to target the right audience with a greater level of precision. 

SEO refers to the algorithm which the search engine uses to rank your webpage on the search engine result page. Since there are so many web pages on the internet, there is always a need to assort them in the decreasing order of user utility and experience. This is the exact function which SEO performs.

However, the search engines are never clear about their SEO algorithms. Thus, it is a matter of guesstimation and experience. This increases the utility of an SEO expert in your marketing campaign. If you are in search of the best SEO agency in Australia, then your search finishes with Australian Internet Advertising. 

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Digital marketing vs SEO 

Even though digital marketing and SEO are often used interchangeably, some differences set the former apart from the latter. In this part of the article, we will discuss a few points of differentiation between the two:

1- SEO is a tool for digital marketing- meaning that SEO falls under the broader umbrella of digital marketing. The focus of SEO is to increase the rank of the website while the focus of digital marketing is to promote the business via various channels including social media, emails, the internet, etc. 

2- SEO is free but digital marketing is not- to boost the rank of the website, SEO uses keywords in the content. The traffic generated in SEO is free and organic however, digital marketing includes other marketing campaigns like the PPC campaigns. These are paid campaigns for which, the marketer has to pay to the platform. 


SEO and digital marketing, even though similar, are not the same. Thus, you need a separate expert for your SEO escapades because it requires a special set of skills and knowledge.