Limited Face-to-Face Classes | On the Pilot Implementation of Limited Face-to-Face Classes | February 24, 2021 – Existing laws expressly provide power to the President to make  final decisions on education policies. Thus, the Department of Education (DepEd)  will adhere to the decision of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on extending the  postponement of pilot face-to-face classes implementation.  

We understand that the availability and roll out of vaccines in the country are critical  factors for this undertaking. In the meantime, we shall continue preparing action  plans for this activity should the President give his approval in the coming months. 

We have previously laid out our stringent conditions to our field offices, which  include the following:  

  • Pilot implementation of face-to-face classes will take place only in areas categorized  as low-risk (at least under Modified General Community Quarantine or MGCQ).
  • There must be a commitment for shared responsibility of DepEd, the local government unit (LGU), the parents or guardians and the providers of transportation.
  • Stringent health and safety standards shall be followed at home, during travel to and  from the schools, and within school premises.  

So far, 1,904 public schools nationwide have already been identified as possible  participants for the pilot study of limited physical classes.  

We shall continue to coordinate with national and local authorities and health  experts, parents, teachers and service providers.  

We have also started consulting our various stakeholders to address challenges in  the distance learning set-up but most importantly, we have been in constant  dialogue with our student-leaders and learners to formulate informed strategies and  policy direction that will best serve their interest in these trying times.