Mayor Abby Binay
Mayor Abby Binay

Makati Mayor Abby Binay today said the city government has allocated a total of P12,536,600 for the implementation of Project MILES (Mathematics Intensive Learning Enhancement for Students) launched last September 8.

Project MILES consists of programs designed to improve the Math competency of students in Makati public elementary and junior high schools.

The mayor said the project aims to develop and improve the mathematical proficiency of public schoolchildren in the city, especially those who are having difficulty with the subject.

“The city, in partnership with DepEd-Makati, continually strives to help the students develop and improve their mathematical proficiency. Project MILES will help them in this area at no cost to their parents or guardians,” Mayor Abby said.

The local chief executive said the city will provide for the worksheets and online subscription of students. Honoraria will also be granted to teachers who opt to take part in the project.

“We want to help struggling students gain competence in Mathematics. But as the city advocates inclusivity, the project is open to all students in Grades 1 to 10. Even if a student already excels in Math but would still like to advance his or her proficiency in the subject, he or she is welcome to join Project MILES,” Mayor Abby underscored.

According to DepEd-Makati, the P12-million budget for the project will be used for the production of worksheets, installation of pure fiber internet connection for the first 11 pilot elementary schools, and individual subscriptions to KooBits.  It also covers honoraria for teachers who will handle the sessions and teacher-writers of worksheets, and the project management and monitoring team. 

DepEd-Makati schools division superintendent Rita Riddle said that the project has two programs suited to the specific academic needs of students, the 180 MILES and 360 MILES programs. Each program consists of 10 sessions (four hours per session), to be held on scheduled time and days as announced by schools, and to be finished within the school year.

“Students who are classified as struggling academically in Mathematics and have received a failing grade, will undergo the 180 MILES program which offers regular and actual lessons within the scope of each quarter. On the other hand, students who have demonstrated a good scholastic record during the quarter will undergo the 360 MILES program which offers advanced lessons in Mathematics,” Riddle said.

“Some schools have both 180 MILES and 360 MILES programs, others only have either of the two, depending on the needs of the students. For example, in Makati Science High School, there is only 360 MILES,” Riddle said.

Meanwhile, two kinds of teaching methodology will be used for Project MILES. The worksheet-based approach is where students will be given worksheets to answer during their study sessions, while the e-learning approach uses KooBits, a highly personalized full-curriculum mathematics software that provides Mathematics instructions through a series of computer-based interactive lessons.

Last September 8, a number of public elementary and high schools started implementing the project by holding worksheet-based sessions. The remaining public schools are also set to commence and finish Math interventions for students within the school year.

Last September 18, DepEd-Makati started holding a 30-minute workshop on the use of KooBits for students in the 11 elementary public schools that will pilot the e-learning math intervention program.

The said workshop will be held until October 4 in Bangkal Elementary School (Main), Comembo ES, Fort Bonifacio ES, Guadalupe Viejo ES, Nemesio Yabut ES, South Cembo ES, Hen. Pio del Pilar ES (Main), Hen. Pio del Pilar ES I, Francisco Benitez ES III, Makati ES and Pitogo ES.

KooBits is a Singaporean Mathematics software considered as one of the top Math learning platforms in Singapore for being widely adopted. It is now being adopted in numerous countries such as Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. In KooBits, besides the students themselves, their teachers, parents or guardians also have their respective accounts linked to the account of the students. Thus, parents and guardians can easily monitor the progress of their child.