Grad Party

A grad party is an occasion to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime moment in your teen’s life. Throwing your grad a party that they will remember and cherish for a long time need not give you sleepless nights.

By planning well in advance and ensuring that neither you nor your loved ones are overwhelmed by all the prep and the chaos that precedes an important party, you can create a wonderful experience for all involved. Here are five tips to get you started.

Prepare a guest list and keep refining it

First thing first, make a list of guests, along with their full names and contact numbers, so that you’ll know how many people you need to make arrangements for. Having a tentative head count will also help you pick an appropriate venue for the party.

Discuss if it should just be a family affair along with a few close friends of your child or include your friends and neighbors as well. If the list is too long and looks like it will bust your budget hosting that many people, go over the list a few times to see if you can leave some people out.

If budget allows, invite your grad’s old teachers, long-lost friends or past coaches and plan a surprise your child will never forget.

Find out what your teen really wants

Since this special occasion marks your graduate’s journey into adulthood, take the time to ask them what kind of graduation party they always thought they’d have. Instead of making it a gala affair that you must pull off to perfection, take it easy and involve your children to plan a party they will truly enjoy.

At the same time, it’s possible that your teen does not want to be involved in the planning and organizing at all. In that case, just ask their preferences in terms of scale of the party, the cuisine they would prefer and the people they’d love to see at the party. Once you know their preferences, you will be able to plan and execute an exciting and memorable grad party.

Decide on a fun theme

A theme will help focus your efforts and also excite the children. No, your teen may not exactly love the idea of everyone dressing up a certain way. You need to brainstorm and choose a theme that won’t embarrass or irk your graduate kid.

For instance, if your child really loves their school, you could use the school’s mascot and colors to decorate the venue. Or, if they’re fond of a particular sports team, you could use that as the theme and even organize a small tournament if space allows.

Bring back old memories by decorating the venue with photos of your child through their school years. Get a projector and play a slideshow or videos from their childhood. Showcase your teen’s certificates, medals, projects and scrapbook on a table. Get creative and rope in their close friends to pick and execute a theme based on things that mean the most to your child.

Arrange thoughtful party favors

Parting gifts for graduation party guests need not be expensive or too fancy. Keeping in mind the lighthearted spirit of high school grads, arrange party favors that won’t cost you a fortune but will still be fun, memorable and usable.

Pick something that everyone is likely to appreciate and consume. Grad-theme cupcakes, for instance, make for great favors for high school graduation celebrations. You can have them designed in colors and patterns that go with your theme and get them packed in pretty little boxes. Check out for more inspiration and ideas on creative grad cupcakes.

Chocolates, to, make for a good grad party favor and so do quirky notebooks or even a pair of quirky socks for every guest!

Don’t forget the weather

Choose the day and location of your graduate’s party with care. If hosting an outdoor graduation party, you don’t want spoiler in the form of unbearable heat, rain or dust storm or any such thing.

This is where proactive thinking will save the day. Decide the timing and venue of the celebration based on the weather at the time so that your guests won’t have to brave the elements to make it to the venue. If your teen loves the outdoors, you may want to wait hosting a celebration until the weather becomes favorable.

To avoid last-minute chaos and anxiety, start planning early, keep things uncomplicated and don’t over-exceed your budget.