fur leather

Keeping up with the latest trends and fashion cannot be considered a necessity. However, your clothing definitely is. To keep yourself covered and warm during the cold and freezing winters is really a matter of life and death.

There is no doubt, the warmest of all winter clothing are the garments made from the skin and fur of real animals and no other alternatives are capable enough to give you the desired results. This is because most of those animals that we depend on to make winter garments, live outside in the snow in freezing temperatures and their fur and skin keep them warm and protected.

Even though you’ll have to spend a huge sum of money initially this will prove to be an asset in the long-term as they are highly durable. That’s why a fur coat handed down to you by your grandmother or mother still remains in a very good condition. Make sure you purchase a fur coat or a jacket at a reliable fur coat store to avoid getting duped. What are some of the major benefits of including a real fur or leather outfit in your winter shopping list?

Good Return On Investment

Since a real fur coat lasts many decades or even a century or more with proper care and treatment, it is one of the biggest investments that you can make. Nothing beats a real fur or real leather outfit when it comes to making a fashion statement and at the same time keeping you as warm and comfortable as possible. Hence, this is a ‘must-have’ for every woman in their wardrobe.

Lasts Really Long

Compared to fake leather and fur, the real ones are highly durable. With proper care, these can be handed down to future generations in good condition. You don’t find people handing down fake leather jackets or synthetic fur coats to the next generation. Even if there are some fake products that last longer it would definitely look worn out and wouldn’t be as warm and comfortable as it used to be.

Safer For Health

Except for causing allergies to some people, real fur and leather are much safer to wear for longer periods of time. Studies have shown that wearing synthetic products could result in health problems like respiratory disorders, and even cancer in the long term.

Animal Products Are Biodegradable

One of the greatest threats that we face today is the environmental pollution issues resulting from non-biodegradable waste. Most of the synthetic materials that are used as alternatives to real fur and leather are non-biodegradable materials that require several hundreds of years to deteriorate. Even then some of the materials like plastic would continue to remain in the soil posing a threat to the environment. Real animal products degrade much faster and dissolve in the soil and hence it’s environment-friendly.

When you compare real fur and leather clothing with the other kinds of winter garments there wouldn’t be a greater investment as the animal products tend to last for many decades with proper care besides being beneficial to yourself and the environment.