Patricia Aleckzandra | BravoFilipino

Looking for a kasambahay is not an easy task. You have to go through a lot of ways to look for them. When the time comes you have found a potential one to help you through your daily chores, you should be interviewing them. That is right, interview them. This may sound unnecessary but let’s consider that they are also looking for work. Interviewing them will help you get to know your employee. Here are five questions you should ask your potential kasambahay:

  1. Are you okay with the scope of work? Explain their work scope. Be specific so the both of you can know what to expect from each other. You can also inquire about their past experience and feel free to ask more about it: for how long is the stay, why did she move out.
  1. Why do you want to work? This is not being nosy but you should know why they applied for the job. Is it to send her children to school? Is it for his/her family? Talking about these kinds of things will help you get to know the person you are hiring, and to understand how important this is for both of you to make it work.
  1. Are you eager to learn? Make them understand that they you are looking for someone to help you maintain a peaceful home. Let them know your rules so they can be guided accordingly. Don’t take corrective comments personally. You are just helping them to grow.
  1. For how long do you plan on doing this? This is to manage your expectations. If you know the period they plan to stay, you can plan ahead what you can do if ever their work period is about to end. Talk to them about the benefits they can get if they stay longer than expected. Speaking of benefits, try including an insurance protection if they exceed your expected stay and for job well done. With Kasambahay Insurance, you can give your household help protection for a year with a very affordable price of P100. Plus, they can also use their family as beneficiaries of it. Now, they can be motivated to stay longer in your household because they are secured and insured.
  1. Is your salary okay? This is the most important part. Go through their salary. Some would offer P4000-P5000 per month while others more. Keep in mind that you should also provide them a room and three meals a day. Ask them whether who will pay their SSS or PhilHealth. Be open with them for negotiations.