By Homerun Nievera | Bravo Filipino |

June 30 is a welcome change for many Filipino travelers. It is the day that change is promised to begin to happen.

On my way to Hong Kong, I paid the usual 1,620 pesos in travel tax at Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3.. This is supposed to pay for the many services an international airport  like the NAIA 3 has. Let’s not go to NAIA 1, lest we talk about the worst.

I arrived hours early as I sort of panicked that the traffic will get me. Luckily, I arrived unscathed.

So there I went, strolling across the vastness of NAIA 3.

And voila! The air-conditioning was at its lowest. The walkalators were not working, except for a few farther down the remotest gates.


I asked some airport staff if it has always been this way. Their answer was a strong Yes!

Also, they said, almost in a chorus, “Change is coming.”

They were obviously referring to the new Duterte government who said that they’ll fix the airports.

Indeed, is change really coming?

For the sake of Philippine tourism, please do come.


  1. Filipinos are being fed up with politicians who like to promise but never deliver their promises. Filipinos would like to vote someone who had done something. That’s Duterte wins by landslide. We don’t know if Duterte can do something but atleast there is hope. That is what I felt.


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