Ultimate Buying Guide 2022: Four Wheelers for Kids

BravoFilipino | Ultimate Buying Guide 2022: Four Wheelers for Kids | It’s never too late to give presents to little children this year 2022! There are still various reasons why we should appreciate the laughter, energy, and achievements of the kids. To give a fun and adventurous experience, four wheelers for kids are the best gift to purchase.

If you still don’t have any idea on what to purchase or you are at the moment of hesitating, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t worry because this ultimate guide was designed to help you choose even easier. Let’s dig in!

What is a Four Wheeler for Kids?

A four-wheeler, often known as an ATV, is an off-road vehicle that can bring you on an extreme and swift escapade that a regular car cannot. They produced a design for children that guaranteed the intensity while also considering their wellbeing.

Your Ultimate Guide

The list below is some of the best deals for ATV four wheelers for kids. Considering the engine, safety, capacity, and brakes, hopefully, you will be able to choose one right after this article.

Type of ATVs according to its engine

  • 40cc Kids ATV

First on the list is the most compact engine capacity and the easiest assembled ATV which is suitable for six years old and above. Since the engine is a pull-start, it might need an adult assistant before the child could use it. Nevertheless, this can be a good start for your kids to get familiar with riding an ATV. The only thing you need to consider when purchasing this type of ATV is its safety features, there is no remote kill switch and it requires more power on its steering because of its tightness.

  • 110cc Kids ATV

This 110cc four wheeler is the most popular among those ATVs for kids. It contains the features that are lacking on 40cc. (which is its bigger size, a speed governor and rubber tires). It is also an electrical and automatic engine which means, kids can actually pull it off without any assistance. Its speed setting is more built-in and can confidently reach far places in a short period of time.

  • 125cc Kids ATV

125cc four wheeler for kids is considered the premium version of 110cc. It offers not just features for extreme experience but also comfort with its design. Its speed can handle until 50mph without further restriction, but the good thing is, it has a kill-remote switch and speed control for parents to ensure the safety of their kids. This is more suggested on kids 10 years old and above.

Aside from these four types of four wheeler, it should be taken into consideration the best fit which matches both the kids and the vehicle. It would be great if the child is present on the day of purchase to test the brake reach, grip reach, turning reach, leg length, and seat capacity, if it’s comfortable and they are feeling safe with it, then it’s good. After all, the kids will be the ones using it so much better if we check the fittings together with design, price, brand, and features.

Why Four Wheelers is a Perfect Present?

Nowadays, kids are more inclined with online games, gadgets, and high-tech kinds of entertainment. It is because our world is continuously engaged in innovations and new discoveries. People tend to adapt to this fast-changing cycle and of course, the kids are being influenced too. So why four wheelers are the best choice? It would give a surreal, intense, and active enjoyment to children far from their devices. It might cost a little higher but the memories that would be created would totally be paid it off. Have fun!