Photo: @VPLeniRobredo

Manila, Philippines – QC government ‘censures’ Leni-Kiko rally violations | Safety regulations “mutually agreed upon with the local administration” were broken during the “Pink Sunday” campaign event of Vice President Leni Robredo and Senator Francis Pangilinan on Sunday.

The local government unit (LGU) statement also asked other candidates who plan to organize events in the city to strictly comply to the terms specified in the signed permits provided to them by the local government.

A spillover audience at today’s Pink Sunday event, organized by supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo and Senator Francis (Kiko) Pangilinan, broke a number of agreed-upon rules. Organizers and spectators can use crowd control as a test of discipline to ensure that their chosen candidates are abiding by the laws of the land, even if it is a difficult task.

Attending pre-event coordination meetings, which the LGU claimed “is highly vital” as the country continues to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, was also urged.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, each candidate is given the same site and the same concessions, and these must be observed. Our country remains in the midst of a pandemic, even though NCR (National Capital Region) is currently on Alert Level 2, according to the statement.

The local government unit (LGU) expressed gratitude and appreciation for being chosen as a location for political rallies and other gatherings, and stated that it is ready to assist in ensuring public safety and minimizing disruption.

Robredo’s representative, attorney Barry Gutierrez, issued an apology for the errors.

Although the organizers ensured that access to the immediate region of the program itself was restricted, and that all attendees were urged to carry vaccination cards and adhere to health regulations, there was a large number of people who arrived, and we apologise for that. You can be sure the campaign is taking steps to ensure that all applicable regulations are adhered to more strictly going future,” Gutierrez stated in a press release.

Robredo’s team estimated the turnout at 20,000 people.

Charges that may be brought against them

Secretary Eduardo Ao of the Department of Interior and Local Government cautioned candidates and supporters that charges might be brought against them if they violated health rules during the campaign period in a radio interview that aired on Sunday.

According to him, candidates and their supporters can be held accountable for breaking the Omnibus Election Code and for violating the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act as well as municipal legislation.

He emphasized that if convicted, candidates might be sentenced to up to six years in prison and would be permanently barred from holding public office.

There will be no bias in the way we file charges against candidates, sympathizers, or supporters of those candidates if they commit any violations, he reassured the crowd.