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BravoFilipino | Teodoro Jaen Jr., Correspondent | The Changing Phases of a Relationship | There are many different procedures that need to be carried out in order for a couple to have a happy and healthy relationship. You are not allowed to skip any of these steps in the order in which they are presented to you. The majority of failed relationships can be attributed to the fact that the various steps were not completed in the correct order. The steps need to be followed by both parties for there to be any chance of a successful long-term relationship. These actions will bring about new sensations, new challenges that you are obligated to overcome, and new opportunities for personal growth.

The initial phase of a relationship is referred to as the romantic phase. At this point in the relationship, both parties are attempting to appease the other while minimizing the risk of hurting the other. There are a few names for this stage, including the courtship stage and the fantasy stage. It is possible for this stage to last anywhere from two months to two years depending on the person. At this point, the two of you have so much in common and almost give off the impression of being the same person. Additionally, you spend the majority of your time together, which makes conflict extremely difficult during this stage. At this point in time, the foundation of your relationship is being laid down. In addition to this, you will encounter some biological products. Because of these effects, you will feel happy all the time. At this point, you are experiencing an overwhelming sense of happiness, and you do not believe that this sensation will ever go away.

The second stage is known as the stage of disillusionment. This is the point in the process where you start to become more grounded in reality and familiarize yourself with the world around you. At this point, you will have gained a deeper understanding of your partner and will be aware of their flaws and vulnerabilities. In this stage you will start to feel less hyper because the biological produce of endomorphism is low. You will come to realize that your partner is not quite as perfect as you had originally thought, but that he or she does have some qualities that are desirable. This is the stage in which the majority of people become confused, and this is also the stage in which you will begin to learn things about your partner. The best skill that you can use in this stage is knowing how to communicate with your partner and solve various problems.

The commitment stage is the last step in the process. This is stage where the partners transform and start to real love. This is the stage that they know each other’s weaknesses and they learn to deal with them. In this stage the partners do not need each other but have chosen one another. In this stage you are more of a team and partners than you are in relationship. Commitment is the key factor in any relationship and in this stage you start to make your relationship loud. With these few stages you can be able to check which stage you skipped.

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