How To Reduce Dark Circles And Look Less Tired
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

BravoFilipino | How To Reduce Dark Circles And Look Less Tired | Don’t worry if you’ve looked in the mirror lately and noticed dark circles under your eyes – it’s perfectly natural. However, it does mean you’re not getting enough sleep, and people will look at you and instantly think you look tired. Even though they aren’t anything to worry about in themselves, you may still want to know how to reduce them or even get rid of them entirely. Read on to find out some of the tips and tricks to do this and look fresher and more wide awake in no time. 

Get More Sleep 

Do you know why you get dark circles under your eyes when you’ve not had enough sleep? The answer is quite incredible. When you sleep, your skin removes the impurities in your body – it detoxes you, in other words. However, if you don’t get enough sleep, this process doesn’t complete, and those toxins will gather in the place where the skin is thinnest, which is under your eyes. The dark circles you see are actually all the bad chemicals and other toxins in your skin waiting to be released when you sleep. 

As you can tell, the more sleep you get, the more chance there is of this happening, and the better you’ll look as a result. Of course, it’s not always easy to get a good night’s sleep, especially when you’re stressed and busy. It’s a good idea to investigate the best sleeping positions to improve your nights sleep, as this can make a big difference. Other ideas include not using electronic devices an hour before bed, making sure the room is cool, and keeping your bedroom tidy. If you still have trouble sleeping, it’s a good idea to see your doctor for additional help. 


As mentioned, sleep is needed to detox the body, and dark rings are what happens when that process isn’t complete. Therefore, if you can do anything to give your body a head start when it comes to detoxing, even if you get less sleep than you should (which will happen on occasion), dark circles shouldn’t be a problem. 

The best thing you can do is to drink plenty of water throughout the day and just before bed. This will help to flush out any problems in your skin and keep you looking fresh. On top of that, water enables the cells in your skin to rejuvenate more quickly, meaning that you can get a full detox even after only a few hours of sleep. 

Apply A Cold Compress 

If you apply a cold compress on your face, it will minimize any swelling on your face and improve your blood flow. This will mean the area under your eyes is less inflamed, and although the dark circles might still be there, they will be less noticeable. 

This is a simple idea, but you must leave enough time for it to work properly. You’ll need at least twenty minutes to hold the compress to your face in order for the swelling and dark circles to reduce, and it might be necessary to repeat the process more than once for the best effect. 

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash