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You have been able to build up your collection of luxury watches. However, you are at a loss as to which of your watches you should use if you need to attend a formal event. Should you use the watch with the leather strap or should you use your gold strapped watch?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to personal style. It all boils down to how you feel about yourself while wearing a particular kind of clothing. However, if you really want to be practical about matching your watch with your outfit, here are some tried and tested rules you can follow:


  1. Match the color of your watch with the color of your shoes. If you have decided to wear a pair of blue or gray shoes, match it with a silver watch. Brown, tan or beige shoes, on the other hand, go well with a gold luxury watch.


  1. Consider the type of outfit you will be wearing. The type of watch you wear should complement the formality of your outfit. This means that digital timepieces go well with sporty, casual or informal events. Analog watches are more formal in appearance and are best worn during formal occasions. Watches with leather bands are also more formal than timepieces with metal bands. Black leather watch bands are more formal than brown leather. Silver or gold metal bands, on the other hand, go well with dressy outfits. Watches with rugged worn in leather bands go well with jeans and t-shirts.


  1. Metal complements metal. Take note of the finish of the watch case and the color of your clothing accessories. Most watch cases have platinum, silver or gold metal finishes so match them with the color of your belt, necklace. Popular nowadays is a watch metal case finish that is in all black color. This matches perfectly with silver or gold accessories.


  1. Leather matches leather. If you are planning to wear a black pair of leather shoes, pair it with a watch with a black leather band. Brown leather shoes go well with a watch with a brown leather band.


  1. Wear sport watches with your sporty attires. Most sport watches are very durable and reliable. They are not as shiny as dress watches, but their casing, strap and dial are usually made from rugged materials. Sports watches should also have a chronograph to make it more useful when playing sports or going on an adventure. Sport watches also go well with casual outfits. Make sure though that you choose a sport watch with a neutral colored dial or a band in a dark or metal color.


Make sure that the watch you wear complements your outfit for the day. This will not only make you look good but will make you feel even better. If you are looking for a watch that you can use with any outfit or one which will match a particular style, look no further than Tempus Philippines. Their broad selection of luxury Euro-Swiss timepieces covers all styles and types. The right watch for you is waiting at Tempus Philippines.


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