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BRAVO FILIPINO | RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc. Launching its Website Soon | As the company celebrates its 34th anniversary this year, it has been long overdue to launch a website.

RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc., also known as RDF and Red Dragon Farm in the industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its website soon. It has been in business for more than 30 years.

Visitors to the company’s website will be able to learn more about RDF’s businesses, product offerings, history, core values, and other aspects of its operations beginning on February 14.

The website was developed and designed to further strengthen the company’s position as the benchmark for vertical integration in the Philippines’ Central Luzon region, where it is headquartered.

rdfRDF has grown into an agri-food enterprise that is owned and operated by the company and produces high-quality fresh meats and value-added food products that adhere to the global standards for food safety. When it comes to quality, RDF is the undisputed leader, as stated clearly in its Vision statement.

Founder and CEO of RDF Dr. Robert H. Lo has this to say about the importance of having a website:

“We live in a digital world and people say that your business does not exist unless it has an online presence.  I totally agree. Most of the big businesses in the world have websites. The website, I think, is the face of every business. A website increases a company’s credibility and it is a good vehicle for professional imaging. Consumers buy from businesses they trust and one way to find out if these businesses are legit is through their websites. Now, I am happy that our prospective partners and suppliers can just simply find relevant info about our company at their convenience on the web 24/7.”

About RDF

RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc., or simply, RDF, is a company-owned and company-operated agri-food enterprise in the Philippines. RDF manages its own modern poultry and swine farms that are located in the flourishing cities of Pampanga and Tarlac in Central Luzon; and industrial facilities such as a feed mill, slaughterhouse, a triple-A (AAA) meat-cutting plant, and a meat processing plant; and Fresh Options Meatshop, which offers high-quality fresh meats and value-added meat products.

At RDF, quality is a way of life. The company believes that continuous innovation and creativity in all of its processes will lead to business growth and development. Through this, it can fulfill its mission of providing high-quality fresh meats and value-added food products that adhere to the global standards for food safety.