4 Charismatic Wrist Watches for Women
Photo by Jess Bailey Designs from Pexels

BravoFilipino | 4 Charismatic Wrist Watches for Women | Nothing speaks classier than an expensive watch tied elegantly around women’s wrists. These accessories go with everything no matter what dress or outfit you’re wearing. They are perfect in a way that even their colour isn’t matching with your attire, it’ll complement it. But still, that doesn’t mean you should wear one with all your outfits. Investing in valuable timepieces is always worth your effort and your money.

A wristwatch isn’t just an accessory; it proves to be a pleasant gift too. They come in different shapes and sizes and if we’re being more specific, in different shapes and strap materials. The choice of your watch makes a huge difference in how you look. Some watches are comfortable while others give a luxurious feel. In this article, we will suggest to you some charismatic timepieces so you know what to look for when shopping for these items.

1- Stainless Steel Watch with Crystal Accents 

We have put our most favourite wristwatch on top of this list. It is pink and contains beautifully assembled crystals along with the round of the dial. This timepiece is a classy mix of trendy and decent. Its most notable feature is the stainless steel case attached to it is a pink leather strap.  This watch is water-resistant and comes with a two-year warranty. Additionally, if you want to purchase this watch and several others at budget-friendly prices you can use the Tommy Hilfiger coupon at the checkout. 

2- Gold Dials Watch with Blue Silicone Strap

This irresistible timepiece is the one made for those with superior tastes in wristwatches. It is elegant and fashions a sporty appearance. The gold plated case is incorporated with three sub-dials displaying weekday, 24-hour and date. Its strap is of navy blue colour and is made from silicone, whereas the dial is coloured in the silver-white shade with gold accents. It comes with the excellent property of being water-resistant up to 50 meters. 

3- Skeleton Dial Watch 

The champagne dial is to die for. This gold-plated stainless steel watch is a classic luxury to own. It displays an asymmetric skeleton dial and a multipurpose feature showing dates and weekdays. The material used here is a mesh bracelet and is also water-resistant. It is best to wear with a classic dress on a formal evening or dinner or with a blazer on an official day.

4- Rose Gold and Stainless Steel Bracelet

Get ready to make a style statement with this undeniably gorgeous rose gold wristwatch. This two-toned timepiece is specifically designed for women who like to wear elegant accessories. Its dark dial is adorned with dazzling stones that shimmer under the light. It is supplemented with three-hand movement and a classic mesh bracelet. The grey colour of the dial beautifully suits the rose gold shade of the rest of the watch. You can complement it with a navy blue outfit or a peach dress to enhance its elegance. Pairing it up with thin, subtle and shiny bracelets isn’t a bad idea either. 

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs from Pexels