How to Help Fourth Graders Develop Their Writing Skills
Photo by Drew Perales on Unsplash

BravoFilipino | How to Help Fourth Graders Develop Their Writing Skills | The fourth grade is an important moment in any child’s life when it comes to developing their writing skills. With some fun guidance and input, they can really take off and find an independent voice in their narrative while fine-tuning all the essential motor skills as well. There is a question, however, of how to inspire children to write in the first place. Below, there are five ways to help fourth graders develop their writing skills. 

Create Fun Lessons

Teachers all over the world understand the importance of an engaging lesson. While school is not supposed to be entertainment central every minute of the day, there is merit in motivating children through creative and fun outlets. It has been proven time and time again to enhance their learning and that is why lesson plans like this one are always the preferred option above other forms of learning:

Class Reading

It remains true that getting a child to engage with writing is easier when it is supported by an interest in reading. If the child is reading their own books of their own volition, this is even better. When children read, they are naturally picking up phrasing, intonation, grammar structures, imaginative scope, and vocabulary. These skills all organically transfer into their writing, alongside inspiring new ideas for narratives too. 

Daily Writing Prompts

A daily writing prompt on the class board followed by some free creative writing time as a part of the daily routine is a great thing to do. Lots of teachers implement this strategy in their classrooms and it can be approached in a number of ways. 

  1. Private writing so that only the person writing it reads it. 
  2. Sharing with the class challenge. This is a collaborative learning experience. 
  3. Team writing for different character perspectives. 
  4. Quick burst five-minute stories. 
  5. A continuous piece of writing that you add to for the whole week. 

Rally the Parents

Students need support at home to further their educational experience. The first years of learning in their lives are shaped by their parenting experience. When they step foot in an educational institute, the torch is passed onto the learning provider but the parents still play a pivotal role and always will. Make parent teacher meetings as informative as possible and try to flag any issues with parent figures as and when they crop up. This will help combat anything evolving into something unmanageable. 

Work with the Children’s Strengths

Finally, working with the strengths of the individual is paramount to successful learning objectives. Some children will be amazing at spelling and turning a phrase, whereas others will struggle to build their vocabulary. Where there are gaps, it is your job to notice and adapt the strategies. Every child will have their own personal goals for the classroom, and you can support them as they move through the process. 

Writing is one of those essential skills that everybody needs. Fourth grade is a great time to engage children and show them the wonders of the written word while embracing their own inner creativity too. 

Photo by Drew Perales on Unsplash