Domino’s PH Delivers More than Quality and Safe Pizza During the Pandemic
Domino's Pizza PH has stayed true to its core values of delivering fresh, quality, and safe pizza. (Photo: Newly operated branch in Angeles City, Pampanga)

Bravo Filipino | Domino’s PH Delivers More than Quality and Safe Pizza During the Pandemic | Our long, recurring battle against the coronavirus has been very tough, uncertain, and there is no promise on when this will be over, and the answer is yet to be determined. The medical and pharmaceutical industry experts have been in a strenuous situation seeking the right medication against the unseen enemy. Best medical and health practices have been implemented, but this ailment has its ways to evolve an immunity to the invented vaccines that could possibly refrain the spread of the virus. But COVID-19 has no plans on giving us an easy game, it is here to stay longer than we think, and it is meant to change our usual common tactics.

A year has passed since the pandemic started lashing its whip on the global economy, and Domino’s Pizza Philippines was among the first brands in the quick-service industry sector that maneuvered their marketing and operations according to the new normal having offered delivery service and carry out ever since which this company is famous for. They made sure that they would continue to provide freshly prepared and mouth-watering pizza (and more!) while giving their customers the uber satisfaction on every bite of their pizza and other food variants while you are at the four corners of your home.

dominos pizza ph csr
Domino’s PH dropped off pizzas for quarantined OFW returnees aboard passenger ships in a Manila port in 2020.

Domino’s Pizza PH plays an active role in delivering quality products and reliable service despite the disputes on high restrictions on the QSR and dining industry, the continuous lockdown in different areas across the country, inadequate public transportation for the private and public sector workers, and the daily high risk of getting infected by coronavirus due to exposure to numerous people in public areas and in the store. All these stem from their organization’s strong dedication to serve and deliver quality products and services to its customers.

What happens inside the store?

dominos ph
Domino’s staff with freshly-prepared pizza that’s ready to be served.

The pizza delivery giant has made it to a point that each of its personnel is practicing the recommended best health practices by the different health organizations. Through wearing a face mask and shield, frequently washing their hands with soap and water, continuous use of alcohol-based sanitizer along the observance of proper respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing. They have also implemented strict screening of temperatures among their workers, or if any of them shows any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 upon entering the store premises.

Aside from the practices among their workers, customers are also required to have their temperatures checked and filling of a health declaration form before entering the store, to ensure accurate and proper contact tracing should there be an instance a carrier has entered any Domino’s branch.

They also make sure that the entire store including their tables, chairs, countertops, etc. are regularly sanitized. They also made sure that their store workers and customers and regularly reminded about the safety protocols by using highly visible floor markers or stickers, posters, and counter standees.

Our resilience is being tested by the pandemic. We overcame many challenges and have learned how to manage the situation. And as we move on, we must be more proactive in taking the necessary precautions to lower the spread of the virus,” said Roy Quejada, GM of Domino’s Pizza Philippines.

Social media has been a reliable avenue for communications especially during this challenging time. To help our local and national leaders in spreading information in preventing the further spread of the virus, they are releasing health and safety reminders on their social media accounts, along with the promotion of their online ordering system and advance ordering for carryout or car side pickup, to lessen contact facing between their customers and workers.

Domino’s customers worldwide trust their ability to overcome adversities. They know that despite these challenges, we will always operate and provide SAFE products.

In fact, they started putting the focus on quality last year and continually enhancing their delivery capability as well. They reinforce these action steps by providing Safe Food and Safe Restaurant Environment for our customers.

Quejada concluded, “Domino’s is not just after the company’s profit, but they are also after the welfare of those who helped them be where they are right now, the people who are working hard at the back of this brand, and the customers who continuously stayed loyal with Domino’s Pizza. The brand is not just about taking care of its name in the market but is also after providing the products and services that our hearts truly deserve and desire.”