Creating the Perfect Nursery: Important Furniture Elements and the Right Color Spectrum
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

BravoFilipino | Creating the Perfect Nursery: Important Furniture Elements and the Right Color Spectrum | It would seem that choosing new furniture is just a pleasure: you compare the available fittings, choose the appropriate options and then buy the stuff you like. But in reality, everything is not so simple, especially when it comes to the children’s room. Usually, all parents focus on attractive appearance, functionality, and quality when choosing furniture for kids. However, a room for a child should also be as safe as possible — that is why the eco-friendliness of all stuff pieces comes to the fore.

First of all, you should choose furniture and playing area elements made of natural materials — and WoodandHearts has a huge range of them! Secondly, it is worth giving maximum attention to the certain fitting items and color spectrum. 

What Furniture Items Are Needed for Nursery?

The standard set for children of 3-5 years old includes:

  1. A crib. Although a child doesn’t spend as much time in sleep as a newborn baby but 8-12 hours is also a lot. And the dependence of well-being on restful sleep for children is even more serious than for adults. The crib should be stable and low so that a kid is not afraid to fall out. 
  2. A table and a chair. The child is just beginning to learn to read and write, draws and plays some educational games — a chair and a table are indispensable. Their size is chosen according to the individual child’s parameters. Additionally, it is better to choose “growing” chairs, because they can be increased or decreased depending on the kid’s needs. 
  3. A wardrobe with shelves for clothes and toys. Ideally, a child from a young age should be accustomed to the order of things. The presence of a closet in the room will allow kids to quickly understand that they should keep things tidy and neatly put their toys on the shelves before going to bed.

In addition, there are additional pieces of furniture that will be very useful. For example, Montessori step stools or kitchen towers will help to involve the child in household chores while the parents are cleaning the house or preparing meals.

Nursery Stuff’s Colors

Psychologists advise surrounding a kid of the first three years of life with soft, calm, and desaturated colors. Later, you should listen to the preferences of your beloved child, but choose not bright shades of favorite colors, but their soft and pastel variations. For instance:

  • green tones — Yellowish-Green, Webster-Green or Benjamin Moore Limesicle; 
  • blue tones — Powder-Blue, Worn Denim, Pale Blue-Gray, Light-Blue (Bluebird); 
  • pink tones — Watermelon-Pink, Quartz-Pink or Geranium-Pink, and so on. 

Thus, when creating the perfect nursery, try to choose natural materials with the appropriate color scheme. Also keep in mind the stuff’s essentials, including the crib, wardrobe, table, chair, and extra pieces like play areas and Montessori towers. Make the room both comfortable for the kid and aesthetically attractive!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels