BIRDS IN PARADISE 2020-Bravo Filipino
BravoFilipino|BIRDS IN PARADISE 2020|In 2004, a group of dedicated women from the Assumption San Lorenzo high school class ’68 (ACSLV68) established a scholarship program to help economically disadvantaged students earn their college degrees.  Sharing the conviction that education is one way out of poverty, they have persevered in finding ways to sustain the program. To date, 26 students have successfully completed their college degrees in various fields such as Chemistry, Civil and Electronics Engineering, Accountancy, Physics, Education, Political Science and Journalism. Some have graduated with honors: Magna Cum Laude (Chemistry, Physics and Education), and Cum Laude (Accountancy, Education, HR Development Management and Journalism). Seventeen (17) scholars are currently enrolled in various colleges and universities in Metro Manila, Pampanga, Los Baños, and Batangas. Now on its 8th year, the pop-up Birds in Paradise has become a much-anticipated annual event in Makati.  On sale are exciting, unique and exquisite merchandize sourced from countries in Europe and Asia. The pop-up provides financial support to the ACSLV68 education assistance program. On February 13-15, 2020, Birds in Paradise opens once more at the Makati Garden Club (10AM to 5PM, Recoletos St. cor. Ayala Ave., Makati City). For information, please email us at or contact +639989989195  
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Seated: Becca Jose, Tessa Tayag Standing L to R: Cora Corpus, Sylvia Singson, Coroy Diaz, Luisa Valdes, Tessa Mortensen, Evelyn Forbes, Ging Naguiat, Chona Mercado
A collection of vintage silverware and cutlery.
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Luscious green glassware brings the verdant outdoor into your home.
Blue-and-White is never boring. They evoke tranquility and elegance.
Treasure trove of meticulously curated vintage pieces.  
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Create a delightful interface of old world treasures with a contemporary backdrop.
Cobalt blue glassware conjures an enigmatic charm.