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Bea Alonzo – New Tanduay Calendar Girl Makes Her Mark by Pushing Herself to New Limits | Bea Alonzo has had a year of transition and growth in 2021. People noticed her transition to GMA from her longtime mother network, but they also noticed an increase in her self-assurance and willingness to try new things. This was a major shift in her life.

bea alonzo tanduay 2022 2Tanduay was looking for a calendar girl who was open to trying new things and growing as a person.

“She is the Tanduay Calendar Girl we need during these uncertain times. Someone who will remind us that change can be a good thing, but you have to be strong as you breeze through these changes. No stress, just be calm and collected, so you can emerge beautifully out of every situation you are in,” said Marc Ngo, Tanduay Senior Brand Manager, and International Business Development Manager.

He thinks Bea is a great actress who has remained relevant throughout this pandemic, according to his opinion.

“She’s going through a transition in her career, a blossoming stage, if you may call it. She values her craft and her authenticity shines through,” Ngo said.

For her Tanduay Calendar Girl photoshoot, Bea chose the theme of La Dolce Vita. The Creative Team had given her a general idea of the story’s theme, but she was free to interpret it however she wanted.

“I was really nervous at first because it was my first time to do a sexy photo shoot (Kinakabahan ako at first kasi first time ko gagawa ng sexy photo shoot),” Alonzo confessed.

Ngo was pleased with the results of the photoshoot.

Using Bea’s natural sexiness, the whole composition was “tastefully put together,” says the reviewer. When one looks at Bea, the countryside provides a peaceful backdrop, he said.

bea alonzo tanduay 2022 2Her eagerness to join the Tanduay Calendar Girls could be seen in Alonzo’s expression of joy at the opportunity.

“It was done tastefully with Bea exuding her natural, subtle sexiness into the whole composition. The setting is the countryside, which complemented the calming effect when one looks at Bea,” he said.

It was clear that Alonzo was eager to join the ranks of the Tanduay Calendar Girls, and she expressed her delight at the opportunity.

Their looks aren’t the only thing they have going for them. Her comment was that they were powerful, self-reliant, and talented. ‘”

Heart Evangelista (2015), KC Concepcion (2016), Ellen Adarna and Barbie Imperial (2017 and 2018) are some of the previous Tanduay Calendar Girls (in 2018).

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At first, Alonzo couldn’t believe it when she found out she’d been chosen as the brand’s ambassador for 2015.

Nothing I can do will change it. When it comes to awards, Tanduay, on the other hand, is a well-known international brand. I’ll need some help if I want to be Tanduay’s calendar girl. ( Surely this was a scam? Tanduay is a well-known international brand that has won numerous awards around the globe.

“It’s an honor to be Tanduay calendar girl,” Alonzo stated.

Among Alonzo’s honors is a long list of awards. The Film Development Council of the Philippines proclaimed her the “Leading Lady of the Century” in 2019. Along with her numerous Best Actress nominations and wins in film and television, she has also received the Box Office Queen and the Phenomenal Box Office Star awards.

Despite the Tanduay Calendar Girl project, the company is considering other collaborations with the actress.

First primetime Kapuso show and 2017 film with Alden Richards, Ambassador of Embassy Whiskey Ambassador, respectively.

“The name is Tanduay Tibay. To help us adjust to the changes in our lives, we need that. Take a leap of faith and try something new. Only if you allow yourself to be open-minded will you be able to grow as a person,” Alonzo said.