Ozzias T. Villaver, Jr., Ed.D. | BravoFilipino

In our day-to-day encounter with different people, oftentimes, we forgot them and the things they did for us.  And, sometimes we disregarded to acknowledge their services to us. We forgot how they performed their duties and responsibilities as the situation asked for.  Although they did neither expect for service-charges nor compliments, however, they deserved to be acknowledged too. Many times, we leaved them without saying this short expression of “thank you.”

What are these services that we forget to be thankful about?

  1. THE SERVICES OF THE DRIVERS of the buses, jeepneys, tricycles, train, padjak, habal-habal, and boatman.
  2. THE SERVICES OF THE SECURITY GUARDS in the banks, supermarkets, carports, foodmarts, cinemas, bus terminals, airports, and ship ports.
  3. THE SERVICES OF THE WAITERS/WAITRESS/BARTENDERS of the restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bistro pubs, and food-chains.
  4. THE SERVICES OF THE JANITORS/JANITRESS AND MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL of hotels, offices, schools, private and government units, and parks.
  5. THE SERVICES OF THE SALESMEN/SALESLADIES/CASHIERS/STOREKEEPERS in the department stores, wet-markets/groceries, drugstore, convenient stores, food-marts, and sari-sari stores.

Consciously or not, when we took their services in order to respond to our needs, we were happy and enjoyed it.  But, after receiving and benefiting from them, we forgot to thank these people.   Like a person who enjoyed the sweet night dreams and, when he wakes up in the morning, he forgets to thank the Creator of Life, missing to lift his/her eyes/prayers to heaven for the new gracious blessings of a new life, new air to breathe, new sunrise and sunlight to admire, new raindrops and aspirations, new thrills and experiences in the new day.  And so, as we meet these different people someday again and enjoy their services anew, let us acknowledge them and recognize their commendable services like anybody from other establishments who extends his/her services, goods, and goodwill as well.