The fashion industry has observed many up and downs, and turns and twists in the animal products. Fur is no different. With a lot of controversies, fur products just don’t seem to be out fashioned. There are plenty of reasons why fur and its products are never going out of fashion.

Warmth And Coziness

The warmth and coziness of these products are unparalleled. Imagine heading out on chilling winter day stuffed up with sweaters and jackets. A single fur coat can shear off the load to half. They can also save space in the wardrobe. They are very soft and cozy. On a dull winter day, one would love to go out in a fur coat.  Nature has designed these materials to withstand the extreme weather conditions. So, no matter how cold it gets out there, a fur coat will not let anyone feel the chill. A good fur or fleece can keep you up to 20 degrees warmer than the outside climate. Why would anyone want to wear a couple of sweaters and jackets when they can easily wear a fur coat and avoid the load?


Good fur when cared and maintained properly can last up to decades or even more. A used coat can be easily repaired or restyled if needed. The manufacturers use fine furs more as compared to the sheared ones. This is to protect the fur from self-damage. Fine furs are softer and last longer. A good fur is worth a lot more even when used over years. This is called sustainable fashion. It is never going out of fashion, no matter how old it gets. An older fur coat or jacket can be sold for its original price after years of use. Sometimes, can even be sold for profit.

Environmentally Friendly

Naturally procured and designed, these products are completely environment-friendly. The hide is of animal origin (natural) and is biodegradable. With government regulations and checks, these products are ranched. The farms for fur and leather products breed these animals as per the agency’s guidelines. Moreover, the awareness towards environmental issues has alarmed the customers to choose for organic and natural products. When discarded, these products can easily be decomposed by the natural forces.

Variety n’ Popularity

There’s a long list of products that use animal fur. One can choose to accessorize with fur or use it more purposefully. Extremely popular with the fashion geeks and fashion divas, fur coats are found in every American wardrobe. There are capes, strollers, headbands, hats, purses, coats, parkas, and many more varieties in the fur products. There are varieties in the fur types as well. There are fox furs, mink furs, coyote furs, sheep furs, and the list goes on. Fur can be used as a whole or in combination with other materials. It is very commonly used as a liner for fleece in jackets and coats.

Whether it is to beat the cold or to flaunt, the fur fits all. A powerful statement to your personal style and ideal investment for decades of fashion. There is nothing that can beat the fur.  An environmentally friendly fashion statement with versatility in products, the fur is never stepping out of popularity.