Exploring Europe is every traveler’s dream. Thanks to the border-free access to more than 25 countries, one can easily get a single visa to travel all across the Schengen zone. There are also plenty of low-cost airlines that provide flights to Europe at throwaway prices. However, despite all this, many budget travelers feel discouraged to travel to Europe because it is perceived to be expensive.

However, what if we told you there are plenty of countries on the continent that are probably cheaper than your own. Believe it or not, there are parts of Europe where you can get the first world travel experience at the lowest price.

Having said that, this article will share with you the top spots for holiday travel in Europe on a shoestring budget.


Known for its cheap international flights, the Opera, and wine, this is one of the least explored countries in East Europe. It is also the 6th cheapest country in the world! Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, is known for its deep cultural vibe combined with a modern twist and Lviv is common amongst tourists for its old world charm.

There are many interesting things to do in Ukraine such as masonic restaurant, farmers’ market etc. You can also visit the ghost town of Pripyat that was evacuated after a radiation leak from Chernobyl Nuclear Plant.


This country is known for its many local festivals and nightlife. Sofia is the country capital with many cultural things to do. You can visit the quaint towns of Tarnovo and Veliko or spend a day at the beach resorts of Burgas, overlooking the Black Sea. Even though the country is gaining a lot of traction amongst tourists that has increased the prices, it still remains one of the cheapest countries in Europe.


If you want to explore the mountains of Europe but can’t afford the Swiss Alps, then Slovakia’s mountain ranges are a fine alternative. After exploring the capital city of Bratislava, you can visit the Tatra Mountains to enjoy some of the finest ski slopes in winters and hiking routes in summers. You can actually enjoy the benefits of Austrian mountains without paying a fortune for it.


If you want to get lost in the historic streets of Europe, then Poland is one of the best options. You can meander in the country’s capital, Warsaw, that is still scarred from the Second World War, even though most of it has been rebuilt. You can also enjoy its thriving nightlife, especially in Krakow that is rumored to have the highest number of pubs in the world per


Sometimes also referred to as the continent’s outdoor capital, Romania is a multilayered country with a variety of experiences and fun things to do. You will especially love its diverse geographical features and quick access to the mountain ranges within a matter of a few hours.

Romania is most popular for its outdoor activities, scenic villages, and castles that transport you to a different era. Fortunately, you can experience all of this at a shoestring budget because Romania is amongst the world’s 20 most affordable countries!


A budget backpacker may not be able to afford the expensive Lake Como in Italy, but they can get a similar experience in Macedonia which is the world’s 12th cheapest country. No need to pay a fortune for lake lounging, you can now do that at a much affordable price at Lake Ohrid. You would also love exploring Skopje, the capital city that is a fine mix of old and new.

Apart from its beautiful cities and scenic wonders, you can also enjoy glamping in the country at an affordable price. It is perfect for all kinds of travelers looking to kickback and enjoy, without worrying about the budget.


This tiny landlocked country is only a few hours from Macedonia and can be easily accessed from all parts of the continent. It is known for its culture and the best coffee you will find in Europe! It is also amongst the few countries in Europe that make travel to the continent possible.

No need to think of Europe as a distant dream. Just book your holiday to one of these countries and enjoy borderless travel within the continent well within your budget. All these destinations have something unique in them and they are all incredibly affordable. So what are you waiting for? That backpack is not going to pack itself!