Thank you gifts | Top 10 Corporate Gifts To Send After A Virtual Event Gift-giving can help companies establish long-lasting relationships with clients, increase the likelihood of repeated business and referrals, and be associated with specific brands. International shipping services have gotten more efficient than ever, and the selection of thoughtful gifts is ever-growing. Many of these can also be personalised with engraved logos or thoughtful notes, giving companies the possibility to add that personal touch. 

The recent shift in event management from physical to virtual, sending gifts to clients can make an event feel a little more real and tangible. The Ortus Club has been running physical and virtual knowledge-sharing events for over five years and has been selecting unique and luxurious gifts for its participants worldwide.

Extend your appreciation to guests by going that extra mile after an online event. Send one of these thoughtful corporate gifts right to the front door of your guests. All gifts can be sent throughout Europe in less than five days.


  • Wine 


Domaine du Tunnel was established in 1994 by Stéphane Robert, and the wines he produces are some of the highest quality and most exciting in the Northern Rhône. He creates his St. Joseph wines from 100% Syrah, with vines that are on average 50 years of age. 

St Joseph Rouge Domaine du Tunnel 2018Name: St Joseph Rouge Domaine du Tunnel 2018

                     Price: 42.10€



  • Chocolates


This chocolate biscuit assortment features 32 crisp, buttery biscuits full of Godiva chocolate richness. Godiva’s chocolate biscuit assortment is presented in a beautiful red box with a gold design. 

Assorted Chocolate Biscuit Gift Box 32 pc

Name: Assorted Chocolate Biscuit Gift Box 32 pc.

Price: 21.12€



  • Champagne 


Moët et Chandon is one of the world’s largest champagne producers and a prominent champagne house. Created in 1869, it embodies a unique style — a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate and its elegant maturity and colour of golden straw yellow with green highlights.

Moet Impérial Brut NV Champagne 750ml (Personalised option)Name: Moet Impérial Brut NV Champagne 750ml (Personalised option)

Price: 38.00€



  • Coffee


Nespresso is a Switzerland based unit of the Nestlé Group. Their Espresso All Day Set is a combination of intense, balanced and mild coffees you can drink day and night. It comes with espresso cups and saucers.

Espresso All Day SetName: Espresso All Day Set

                       Price: 31.03€



  • Tea


Kusmi Tea’s tea sets are a delightful gift. They tend to feature an assortment of their best tea blends in a cute and colourful package. Kusmi Tea delivers to over 100 countries around the world.

Voyage travel tea gift setName: Voyage travel tea gift set

     Price: 36.36€



  • Cookies


Cartwright & Butler is a family-owned, speciality food and beverage brand based in Yorkshire, England that’s known for creating outstanding teatime luxuries. They currently ship to mainland UK and Europe.

Chocolate drop shortbread biscuits 200Name: Chocolate drop shortbread biscuits 200

                                       Price: 11.00€



  • Powerbank


If you want something useful and long-lasting to give to your guests, then provide them with a power bank. This could also lead to having them reach you easier anytime, anywhere. The Ubio Labs 10000 mAh Lightning Power Bank provides high-performance charging on-the-go for iPhone and other devices.

Ubio Labs Lightning Power Bank (10000 mAh)Name: Ubio Labs Lightning Power Bank (10000 mAh)

                                 Price: 73.49€ 



  • Food hamper


This Selfridges Hamper includes jam, strawberry shortbread mini bites, blackcurrant cordial, British summer honey, and a cool bag – ideal for Summer picnics! This product can be delivered globally.

Picnic Treats HamperName: Picnic Treats hamper

     Price: 32.56€ 



  • Gift card/voucher


If sending a physical gift isn’t within your possibilities, why not try a virtual option? Simple but effective, gift cards are a flexible, practical and thoughtful way of showing appreciation to your guests. They can be personalised with a thank you message and are hassle-free. 

Amazon, Grab, Starbucks, Spotify, and Apple are amongst the top e-gift cards selected by the Ortus Club.


  • Charity Donation


Donating to charity is another excellent way to show gratitude while also improving your company’s brand image. This initiative gives back to the community and assists a worthy cause whilst helping to make real change. Choose your favourite local charity that is aligned with your company values and business objectives.

Ortus events are normally hosted over a three-course meal or online. If you’re interested in experiencing knowledge-sharing discussions with The Ortus Club, feel free to contact them at