bravofilipino | Things to remember before buying a cricket T-shirt | The game of cricket has made fantastic progress from just being a sports game to be the game of glamour, cheer-girls, and crazy fans. Cricketers are presently style icons with fans getting mesmerized by their style more than by their game.

As fans get transcendental in the way they absorb the sport from their TV sets to live cricket stadiums, the accessibility of the sport has increased with IPL; everyone wants to glam up the sports more than ever. The youths are the primary movers of sports these days. The thrill factor is further intensified with the young generation waving their favourite club’s flag in their preferred jersey. You can be the one playing cricket wearing the t-shirt of their favourite team or player, or merely supporting them at the stadium. But for that purpose, you need the best cricketing t-shirt. 

So, here are the top features to look at in your cricket t-shirt. 

Correct fit

We have regularly heard that one size doesn’t fit all. In sports clothing, the correct fit is essential. There is a lot of physical movement happening, such as running, jumping, and likewise. The t-shirt of a sports person gives him/her flexibility in direction while guaranteeing that the body’s ideal temperature is maintained.

In a game like a cricket, where players continuously need to score runs or catch the ball, the correct garment will help accomplish their goals effortlessly. Cricket is usually played during the day time, under the burning warmth amidst summer. Thus clothing is directly related to the performance of the cricketer as well as a cheering fan.

Texture Type 

Choosing the right t-shirt should begin by picking the correct fabric. It is essential to find a breathable material. It will boost the flow of air throughout your body and do not trap the moisture. Usually, textures, like cotton, polyester, fleece, and spandex, are top-rated for the cricket t shirt. Wool is termed best during winters. Polyester is extremely lightweight and dries rapidly in contrast with different textures. 

Other than texture, you must check different features of the t-shirt like the size of the pockets, shirt sideboards, ventilation spots, and so forth. The ideal cricket t-shirt will have a breathable mesh and numerous ventilation spots for good airflow. 

Raglan Sleeves 

A raglan sleeve t-shirt is the best example of comfort and style. This sleeve stretches out to the collar and the neck area. The sleeve’s colour usually is not the same as that of the cricket t-shirt. It is an ideal kind of sports t-shirt style because it makes a broader region in the underarm. Thus it does create any restriction to your arms while playing or movement of arms. The extra space can be of great utility, particularly for the bowlers in bowling the conveyance. The raglan sleeve guarantees 360-degree versatility. 

Easy Drying 

Wearing snappy dry material for outside games is necessary as it keeps the body warm according to the temperature. Polyester is known to be a speedy drying texture. The best sportswear t-shirts are made up of polyester for the same reasons. This fabric retains just 0.4% of its load in dampness, and hence it dries rapidly. The polyester threads are exceptionally sturdy and can be utilized in the manufacturing of ideal cricket T-shirts. 


Wearing an uncomfortable t-shirt can disturb the mental state, mainly while playing a competitive game such as cricket, where a significant focus is required. Wearing a t-shirt manufactured by unbreathable texture can limit your movement and cause hindrance while playing. You are thus affecting your energy levels during your play. 

Another issue with wearing uncomfortable fabric is its effects on your skin. You may get rashes over the skin or any skin allergies on your back or neck. If the cloth holds moisture, it can cause your skin to dampen. Thus, it is essential to purchase the right cricket t-shirt to enjoy your game and give your best.

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