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BravoFilipino | Teodoro Jaen Jr., Correspondent |Do you know somebody who always seems to be smiling and who has a good outlook on life in general as well as on themselves? They don’t appear to ever have any issues, and they manage to remain calm and collected despite the challenges that life throws at them. Do you ever find yourself wishing you were more like them and could handle the challenges of life the way that they do?

These individuals have a tendency of looking at life as if it were a “half full glass,” meaning that even when things are going extremely poorly, they are able to find something good to focus on inside the situation. Some people’s perspective on life just comes naturally to them, but for the vast majority of individuals who have adopted this way of looking at things, it is a response that they have learned. It is the outcome of setting the intention to practice looking at the positive and not dwelling on the negative and then really doing what it is you intend to do.

It can appear simple when it’s written down, but in practice, it’s almost never that straightforward. How can people learn to stop focusing on the glass when it’s half empty and start looking at it when it’s half full so that they can maintain a cheerful attitude? Being grateful is not something that comes naturally when one is confronted with challenging conditions. Nevertheless, cultivating an attitude of appreciation is one of the best ways for us to deal with almost any challenge that may arise in our life. It is the foundation of the upbeat attitude that we observe in the optimistic person that we look up to so much.

Complaining all the time might cause us to lose our sense of perspective very fast. Yes, the skilled laborer may have needed hours to finish a job that another skilled laborer might have finished in much less time, but before we complain about the cost, we need take into consideration the difference in the quality of the two workers’ output. Perhaps our worries are warranted, but if the final product has a higher standard of excellence, then perhaps the additional effort put in was worthwhile.

Thinking from a glass-half-full perspective initially strives to better understand a predicament before venting about it. It inquires as to whether or not a complaint will make the current state of affairs better or worse, as well as whether or not it will assist in finding a solution to the problem. The majority of the time, the answers to both of these questions are not going to be yes! When there are circumstances in which it is appropriate, we ought to take action regarding the matter. If we can have a better understanding of the issue, it may be possible for us to find a solution to a problem that would otherwise be unsolvable. Keeping an attitude of thankfulness helps us keep a positive perspective on most of the things that occur in our lives. Keeping an attitude of appreciation is helpful. Even in the most trying of situations, reminding oneself that there is still some water in the glass is helpful.

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