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Bravo Filipino| The Best 7 Hidden Europe Gems To Travel To In 2021 |Ancient architecture, brooks, lakes, beaches, mountains, and gold countryside – Europe is a gem of a continent to explore. If you are planning a trip to the European subcontinent, then you must ditch Paris, London, and Rome for a change and try out the small gems that will be worth every bit of your experience. So, let’s not make you wait up more and dive straight into the seven gorgeous spots that are a must-visit across the fantastic continent.


Fond of fairytale lands? Brisighella is the place for you to be then. Brisighella is a medieval fairytale town in the southern parts of Europe near Bologna. Incredibly breathtaking, this spot has managed to stay hidden, away from the paps and limelight of the other famous locations in the continent. Most tourists haven’t heard of it, making it a town worth visiting for travel lovers who want a dreamland experience.

This place offers hiking, which is a popular activity here and is perfect for adventurous souls. If you are fond of the sport, you will see breathtaking views while hiking the mountainside of Brisighella. Colorful streets and sweeping views of the village countryside will make your travel to this hidden gem worthwhile. While you are at it, do not miss sipping on some freshly brewed coffee at the cafes around the hiking range.

The Alentejo, Portugal

Are you a wine person who is looking for a travel escape with his loved one? Then Alentejo in Portugal is the perfect secret place that you must head to next. Filled with a captivatingly beautiful rugged coastline that stretches along kilometers, you’d get the ideal opportunity not just to lie down and relax on the beachside, but also to sip your favorite white, red or rose wine—courtesy: jaw-droppingly stunning and tranquil vineyards.

The riverbanks to Porto, which are also a witness to cafe culture, make the wine-sipping experience extremely enjoyable. That’s not it. There is also a piece of Portugal in this area. The gorgeous coastline makes it the perfect fit for surfing or to wander along the sand-dunes. Not to forget, there are high-end winery hotels at this hidden gem which offer luxury next to the earthy vibes of villages. Beaches, wineries, shopping- you name it, and you have it.

St. Gilgen, Austria

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This place is straight cut out from a travel book. Picturesque views, Harry Potter-like castles, icy-cold rivers, a jaw-dropping amalgamation of snow and greenery, St. Gilgen is a hidden gem in Austria that should be on your travel bucket list. Perfect for all kinds of getaways- right from family outings to romantic vacation, St. Gilgen is the place to be. If you are a local or residing nearby in Europe, all you need to do is pack your luggage, stuff your bags on the car roof rack, plan an itinerary, and get going. If not, then this heavenly place is worth traveling across continents and oceans.

Plan a visit to St. Gilgen around Christmas for an elaborate Christmas market experience. Snow, jingle bells, coniferous trees, and mulled wine, what more can a traveler ask for?

The Azores, Portugal

While various parts of Portugal are no longer hidden destinations for travel buffs, there are certain parts of Portugal, including the Azores, which not many know of. That’s the beauty of it. Completely untouched and unexplored, Azores offers what many European locations dont- peace and breathtakingly unique views. After all, it is an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands. A combination of fishing villages and waterfalls make it an even better fit for exploration. UNESCO listed this location as a Biosphere Reserve back in 2009.

Perast, Montenegro

Many people across the globe, drop their chances of traveling to Europe, considering how expensive it is to travel to the continent. However, what if there was a secret location in Europe which is not only picturesque but, at the same time, won’t burn a hole in your pocket? Yes, that’s true. Perast us Montenegro is a bliss for those who can’t afford the luxurious travel to Paris and other European cities.

A quaint town on the coast of Montenegro, it is a must-visit for every beach buff. Apart from this, if you are an architect lover as well, then you must visit Perast since it is also known for its Venetian-heritage buildings. Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy

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While Capri is no longer a hidden gem in Europe, On the island of Capri, Blue Grotto in the Gulf of Naples is. Do you believe in magic? Well, you will once you visit the astonishingly beautiful Blue Grotto magical cave where the water appears to glow neon blue.

All you need to do is simply take a boat ride across the cave to gaze at the beautiful sight. The blue-tinted darkness will induce a sense of peace, calm your traveled soul, and provide you an unparalleled experience for a lifetime.

Bastei Bridge, Rathen, Germany

Bridges fascinate a lot of travelers. There is something about their history, architecture, and story that intrigues the wanderlust souls. Bastei Bridge in the small town of Rathen is a well-kept secret of Germany. An hour-long drive from Dresden, it is slowly becoming famous among tourists but is still not extensively commercialized like the other parts of Germany. If architecture attracts the tourist in you, then you will undoubtedly be astonished by the unique rock formations around the bridge. All you need to do is stroll through and admire nature and the skyline.


Europe is no less than a magnet for tourists. Its colorful cities and intriguing history will allure your travel buds. There are numerous hidden gems in this continent that are worth exploring for all kinds of people- whether you are an adventure lover, a romantic soul, a beach baby, or a mountain spirit. Therefore, remember to check these seven places off your list when you visit Europe in 2021. Image Source