According to the latest estimate of the United Nations as of February 15, 2017, the current population of the Philippines is 103,213,281 which is equivalent to 1.38% of the total world population; making it world’s 13th most populous country in the world. But among the total population, how many of them are employed? What is the total percentage of healthcare recipient?

Although the Philippine healthcare system is considered to be of good standard and affordable, there are still cases that when it comes to medical assistance especially to rural areas, it still becomes an issue.

That is why Liberty Insurance Corporation has entrenched its commitment to non-life insurance to provide outstanding products and services to the market to create a worry-free life to everyone.

Introducing, MEDIPHONE, is a 24/7 telephone medical advice service that is accessible anywhere, anytime of the day or night. It offers clinical guidance and medical support for matter relating to the health of the customer and their eligible family members.

MEDIPHONE provides medical advice by qualified medical professionals & doctors pertaining to medical and technical support for all health-related questions. It also includes non-emergency and first aid treatments but if in case of emergency situation, the call will be transferred to emergency services or hospitals.

Also, MEDIPHONE focuses on educating the patient for treatment and prevention to avoid a more serious condition.

The future of MEDIPHONE envisions a more affordable, available and accessible high quality medical assistance to all segments of the population in the country.

For only Php300, customer can avail medical advice on a 24/7 basis provided by qualified medical professionals and doctors pertaining to medical and technical support for all health-related questions.

What are the services included?

Advice on:

-elderly care

-chronic illnesses

-drug dependency treatments

-baby care and maternity orientation

-different physician’s specialties

-hygiene and dietary concerns

Information about:

-means and ways of patient’s repatriation

-prescriptions: (reactions to medicines, side effects, contraindications, etc.)

-preventive health

-nearest open drugstore or public/private emergency services (hospitals)

-diagnostic tests’ interpretation

Health tips

-guidance on cardiovascular diseases

-medical directory assistance service

-medical service provider referral

-questions on the evolution of different treatments

-smoke-out therapies

It’s time to live a worry-free life, time to get you and your family, MEDIPHONE.