Samahang Laiko
Buhay Party List first nominee Von Valdepeñas leads his team in gracing grand rallies nationwide

BRAVO FILIPINO | Samahang Laiko Joins Key Groups in Endorsing Buhay Party List | One of the Philippines’ longest-serving party-list – Buhay (or Buhay Hayaang Yumabong) – has been at the forefront of pushing pro-life legislation. Being pro-family and supportive of people with disabilities is now its main focus. Many organizations, particularly those in the sectors they represent, as well as Catholic and Christian organizations, have lent their support to their advocacies and programs.

It has recently formed partnerships with major Catholic institutions and got the nod of various Bishops and priests due to their consistent fight for pro-life bills, and against anti-life bills.

Notable Catholic lay organizations such as Missionary Families of Christ (MFC), Live Christ Share Christ (LCSC), Soldiers of Christ, Friends of Divine Mercy, and Dios Gugma.

“It is our commitment to continue the fight for pro-life and pro-God bills in congress, inspired by our founder, Deputy Speaker Lito Atienza, who has been an inspiration to us and many of our supporters. The support of prestigious Catholic and pro-life organizations and individuals is a milestone for Buhay Party List as it seeks to align continue fighting against anti-life bills in Congress,” said Von Valdepeñas, Buhay’s first nominee.

Missionary Families of Christ or MFC is a Catholic lay organization with chapters around the world and led by its servant general, Bro. Frank Padilla. Established in 1981, MFC emphasizes individual renewal, family life renewal, Church renewal, societal renewal, and evangelization.

mfc east
MFC-NCR East leaders supporting Buhay Party List

The Soldiers of Christ Healing Ministry, Incorporated is a Catholic Charismatic (Transparochial) Community. It focuses mainly on spiritual and physical healing, evangelization through (Christ On The Block), and activities, programs, and services that respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters. Bishop Teodoro C. Bacani, Jr. serves as spiritual director of Soldiers for Christ, while Sis. Cecilia Dela Cruz is its head servant.

soldiers of christ
Chi and Von Valdepeñas pose on stage during the meeting with Soldiers of Christ

LCSC is a worldwide movement of Parish-based missionaries. Its national coordinator, Bro. Narcing Eguia rallied the Live Christ Share Christ (LCSC) Movement to support Buhay. When disaster strikes, LCSC’s pro-poor program, No One in Need, is on the front lines of national relief efforts, and it also works to reduce poverty in other ways. There are hundreds of thousands of young people who have been pastored by LCSC’s Live Pure Movement, which is based in the Catholic Church parishes in the Philippines and other countries.

Buhay Paty List MFC LCSC
(L-R) Edna at Anton Padua, MFC Area Servants of NCR-South, Narcing Eguia, LCSC National Coordinator; and Anna Arcaya, MFC Head Office during a recent gathering.

Rene Tumang is the servant leader of the Friends of Divine Mercy organization. The community leaders of the Catholic lay organization pledged their support to Buhay because of their shared pro-God and pro-Life views.

divine mercy community pantry
Friends of Divine Mercy community pantry

Ang Dios Gugma Catholic Ministries Inc. (ADG) is led by its head servant, founder, and, initiator, Bro. Edwin A. Daulo, and was founded in Iloilo province. ADG operates a multi-media evangelization group that reaches out to The ADG foundation aims to develop both the spiritual and physical well-being of individuals by proclaiming the Gospel of God and witnessing the Love of Jesus Christ through its multi-media evangelization, and to support, finance, and sponsors the education of the poorest of the poor members of society who will be called “Scholars of Hope”.

Dios Gugma 1
Dios Gugma endorses Buhay Party List

Notable Groups and Individuals Endorse Buhay Party List

Apart from the Catholic lay and other Christian organizations, many groups and individuals have been endorsing Buhay Party List as well. The main alignment is on the common advocacy of being pro-life.

Human Life International Philippines, through its country director, Dr. Rene Bullecer, has said that Buhay Party List is a good match in terms of their common advocacies. Pro-life advocacy is something both groups believe in, so HLI Philippines thinks Buhay is a good party list to fight against bills that don’t value life.

Human Life International
Buhay first nominee, Von Valdepeñas addressed the members of Human Life International Philippines.

Manila-based Rapper Jojo Cabusora created a special rap jingle for Buhay, while actress Diane Medina also expressed her support.

dianne medina
TV Host Dianne Medina
jojo 3
Manila-based rapper Jojo Cabusora

Archbishop Jose Cabantan and the Priests of the archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro told Buhay that Buhay had common advocacies with them. Other Archbishops and Bishops who expressed their support for Buhay Party List and its pro-life stand include: Archbishop Gilbert Garcera of Lipa, Archbishop Soc Villegas of Lingayen Dagupan, Bishop Emeritus Ted Bacani of Novaliches, Archbishop Joe Cabantan of Cagayan de Oro, Bishop Jesse Mercado of Parañaque, Bishop Broderick Pabillo of Taytay, Palawan, Archbishop Jose Lazo of Jaro, and Archbishop Emeritus Angel Lagdameo of Jaro, Iloilo.
Bishop Buenaventura Famdico of San Pablo.

Abp. Jose Cabantan (in blue in the middle) with parish priests of the Archdiocese of CDO. MFC members hold the Buhay sign.

In the meantime, the president of the Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas, Jun Cruz, said during their recent Laiko Lenten Recollection that they are part of the pillars supporting Buhay Party List given their common pro-life and pro-God campaigns. Many individual members and leaders of Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilpinas gave their endorsement to Buhay, including Laiko Taytay and Laiko Tarlac. Bro. Jun Cruz, President of the Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas, during the Zoom-based Lenten Recollection, where he gave his endorsement to Buhay’s second nominee, Xavy Padilla and to the Buhay advocacies.

laiko 1
Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas endorsement
jun cruz sangguniang laiko president
Bro. Jun Cruz , President of the Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas, during the Zoom-based Lenten Recollection, where he gave his endorsement to Buhay’s second nominee, Xavy Padilla and to the Buhay advocacies.

About Buhay Party List

When it comes to the culture of life advocacy, Buhay Party List ensures that they have been doing their work in society on issues like waging war against poverty, promoting livelihood; working against climate change and recovery; sustainable water use; giving the public value for their money; and exposure to forced sterilization and risks of implantation.

Buhay Party List founder, Deputy Speaker Lito Atienza is known for his staunch pro-life stance in his vocal rejection of the RH Bill, the Sogie Bill, and the Divorce Bill, among others.

Buhay Party List works closely with various groups to deliver more effective public services for Filipinos. Among them are Home for the Angels, Kababihan ng Maynila, Lito Atienza Cultural Arts Foundation, and Mahal ko si Lolo, Mahal ko si Lolo.

In terms of law-making excellence, the party-list also includes front runners in regulating laws related to their advocacies such as Fighting and Saying No to Pork Barrel; Moving for the Repeal of RH Law, Advocating Good Governance and Rule of Law; Helping the Poor, PWDs, Senior Citizens and Other Sectors; Promoting Culture and Sports; and Environmental Protection.