Bravo Filipino | The #1 Coffee For Office Workers | Coffee is often a free perk offered by most employers to their employees. When an office serves free coffee to employees, it makes them feel appreciated and valued. By providing the best cup of coffee and not settling for anything less, it shows employees that they are truly cared for.

Why You Should Choose The Best Coffee For Office Workers

As the coffee culture constantly changes, coffee drinkers continue to seek new ways to enjoy their favorite beverage. Coffee for few office workers can be a delicacy, but for the majority considered as major a necessity.

Some love to drink coffee in their homes, a friend’s house, or sometimes in local coffee shops, yet the most common places for you to enjoy this delightfully aromatic beverage is at work.

Most offices though just have simple 3-in-1 coffee which is affordable and quick, but it might not be sufficient enough. There are many great reasons why workplaces should consider investing in, not just good coffee, but great coffee.

For a start, coffee contains antioxidants to improve your health. And it’s also shown to improve your mental functions, mood, and motivation.  Several studies have even shown that drinking coffee is one of the most important parts of the workday, and an impressive amount of people claim they could simply not live without it. Research has shown that 84% of workers drink coffee every day, and often feel like their day hasn’t started yet until they had their first cup.

Further research shows that great coffee in the workplace improves social interaction, communication, and collaboration. It may even eliminate the need for employees to leave the office to go to a local coffee shop. Considering the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic, this could be a life-saving alternative. It could even be better when the coffee itself provides health benefits outside of those provided by caffeine when it is infused with other ingredients.

A quality cup of coffee boosts the discipline of your employees, often leading to satisfaction and more productivity. By providing your office workers with the healthiest, best-tasting coffee, you make sure that you not only satisfy their coffee cravings, but their health needs as well.

Benefits Of Great Coffee

According to Medical Writer Stephen Braun, caffeine blocks receptors for adenosine, a compound in your brain that causes drowsiness. This explains why many of us feel less tired when we consume coffee.

In low doses, caffeine also is said to improve mental performance and alertness. In shorter bursts, moreover, coffee can increase your cognitive functions, memory, alertness, and energy.

The Magic of Glorious Blend Coffee

Glorious Blend Coffee was founded in 2008, By GIDC (Glorious Industrial & Development Corporation ) known as the Philippines 1st Stevia Company. Ever since the demand for their coffee has skyrocketed. Having undergone massive development, Glorious Blend Coffee has perfected their products and now serves the best coffee for office workers.

Glorious Blend Coffee continues to offer the best of both worlds, combining classic ingredients with nutritious ones. It has proven itself to live up to the industry’s golden standard of fulfilling the nutritional needs of modern-day office coffee consumers.

Glorious Blend Coffee - Bravo FilipinoGlorious Blend Coffee not only provides the benefits of caffeine than other coffee products may also have; it adds to it. The use of ingredients like malunggay, brown rice, and L-carnitine ensures that their products provide consumers with health benefits they won’t find in other coffee products. It also makes use of the sugar substitute, stevia, which has zero calories, zero cholesterol, and zero glycemic index, making it ideal for those looking to minimize their sugar intake including dieters and diabetics.

What are you waiting for? Order Glorious Blend Coffee today, and experience the magic for yourself.

Where to Buy Glorious Blend Products?

Glorious Blend mixes are some of the healthiest instant mixes available on the market today. They are manufactured locally by Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation (GIDC), and they are available on the official GIDC website.

Visit the website of Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation at or shop more of their products.

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