Kitchen Tools | Kitchen Tools & Utensils Buying Guide for a New Apartment | Out of the endless kitchen tools, utensils and gadgets you could possibly buy for you new apartment’s kitchen, there are a number of essential ones that will make cooking ‘easy as pie’. Have you walked down the kitchenware aisle and wondered if an egg slicer is really necessary or what contraption does what? We are about to give you the lowdown on what you actually need when you’re buying kitchen tools and utensils for your new apartment. 

Here are some essential Kitchen tools for your kitchen

  1. Frying pan or Skillet

There are three options when buying a frying pan or skillet, stainless steel, cast-iron and non-stick. Your first pan should be a stainless steel skillet. It will not chip the way non-stick frying pans do, it will not stain and it’s versatile except when it comes to cooking eggs. However if this isn’t your first ever pan and you know how to properly clean a skillet, then go ahead and get yourself a good cast-iron skillet. A good cast-iron skillet should have a long life-span and require little to no fuss to keep in good condition. Both stainless steel and iron-cast skillets will be able to sauté vegetables, sear steaks and do a heap of tasks.  Now, if you’re planning to cook mostly eggs and dishes that could easily stick to the pan then it is recommended you get a non-stick skillet. A non-stick skillet is a far better choice for making sure ingredients like omelets, scrambled eggs, or crepes don’t coat or stick to the pan. 

  1. Knives

Kitchen knife sets can be expensive and unnecessary so we recommend buying a chef’s knife, a vegetable knife and a serrated edge knife. Each knife is designed with a specific function, a chef’s knife is for chopping, slicing and dicing whilst serrated edge knives are for slicing bread. A vegetable knife is ideal for skinning fruits and vegetables.

Cutting Board 

A cutting board made of wood refuges less bacteria when compared to plastic cutting boards, wooden cutting boards are also gentler on your kitchen knives. Plastic cutting boards can damage your knives and can get dangerously slippery. However, there are some perks to plastic boards if you’re keen on getting one, they’re definitely more cost-effective and they’re much easier to wash especially after cutting up meat on the board. 

Measuring spoons 

Measuring spoons will make you look like a professional in the kitchen by ensuring your recipe measurements are perfect. Make sure you get measuring spoons that are long enough and narrow enough to fit into jars so you can store them away easily. Avoid getting those that can be easily bent and warped, ensure that they’re sturdy enough. 


You will need a measuring scale to measure ingredients so you can cook up delicious dishes exactly the way the recipe intended it to be. 


For cutting up meats to a whole chicken, shears are an essential item to any kitchen. It can be used to cut up vegetables, stripping herbs, and some of them even come with a bottle opening function. 

 Heavy-bottomed Pot 

From cooking pasta, heating up sauces to blanching vegetables, there is no end to the uses of a pot in your kitchen. Stainless steel is the best option, you can whip up your very own gourmet meal or just heat up some canned soup.


A colander is used for draining pasta, boiled vegetables and legumes, it is essential for your new apartment’s kitchen. How else are you going to drained boiled foods? A colander gives the best result and it can also be used as rinsing aid for vegetables. 

Kitchen Utensils 

Can opener 

Isn’t it frustrating when you mistakenly buy canned product that doesn’t come with a ring-pull top? Be sure to add can opener on your list of kitchen utensils otherwise you’re going to be left with unopened cans. While you’re adding can opener to your list, go ahead and add bottle opener as well. 

Fruit peeler

So you can peel the skin off fruits and vegetables with ease. 


Tongs are an essential kitchen accessory for moving, lifting and turning anything that is hot. They also can be used for tossing and serving up salads. 


The spatula will become your best friend in the kitchen, spatulas are used for flipping and stirring dishes while they’re hot on the pan. It is important to use rubber or silicon spatulas when baking, they are more flexible when working with hot or cold substances and they’re also easier to clean. If you plan on getting a non-stick frying pan, be sure to get a plastic offset spatula as metal ones can wear off the Teflon coating on your frying pans over time. 

Large spoon 

This one is quite self-explanatory, a large spoon is used for stirring, scooping, serving and just about everything else. 

Dinner set

You should get a few sets of plates, bowls and mugs, you never know when you’re going to have guest s over. Dinner sets will be used every day, you can choose from the endless array of designs to suit your style preference.

Cutlery set

This goes hand-in-hand with your dinner set, you will need a few sets of knives, forks and various spoons. Nowadays, you can get your hands on cutlery that comes in a range of colors or in different metals such as copper and gold. 

Ice-cream scooper 

An ice-cream scoop comes with a handle and a rounded scoop on the top, some models even have a lever that slides a small blunted blade under the ice-cream to easily remove the ice-cream from the scoop. Ice-cream scoops can also be used to serve other iced desserts like sorbet or even mashed potatoes.


A grater is very versatile and can be used for four functions, grating, shredding, slicing and zesting citrusy fruits. 

Stocking up your new kitchen with efficient utensils and tools doesn’t have to be frustrating or expensive, buy only what is necessary and you can definitely good quality cookware that is within your budget. Use this guide as your starting point and work your way by slowly adding more tools and utensils as you go along.