How to work your employer brand following these steps
Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

BravoFilipino | How to work your employer brand following these steps | The employer brand is a concept that has gained some notoriety basically due to competition in the recruiting sector. Today, both employer branding and recruitment marketing are popular and they are connected each other. In the following paragraphs you will learn more about this concept and how to work on it to strengthen the image of your brand.

What is an employer brand?

The term employer brand refers to the reputation of a company among its current or potential employees, that is, the value proposition it offers to them. Said reputation can be positive or negative depending on the actions of the brand towards its employees, and this greatly influences the decision of emerging talents to choose a vacancy offered by it.

The importance of working on your employer brand

In 2014, the Employer Branding International consulting firm pointed to the creation of strategies to work on the employer brand as a trend in the sector, because a third of the companies surveyed admitted to investing resources in it.

It’s important to build a good image around your employer brand, as people these days learn a lot about the company that’s recruiting in their area of ​​interest. There are many channels where candidates for offered vacancies can research the employer company, mainly on the internet.

Another reason why working with an employer brand has become essential is because of the fierce competition that seeks to keep the best talent to employ them quickly in certain sectors.

Steps to work your employer brand correctly

  1. Involve all your staff

To start working on your employer brand, you must first call your HR department to design and direct a strategy. Then, spread the strategy to the rest of the staff so that they get involved and contribute with ideas to improve it and give it a more precise focus. Remember to address them with a clear and genuine message, without speculating or giving false expectations regarding the brand you want to build. With this speech, your staff will have a clear idea of ​​what the company needs to build its brand.

  1. Research your applicants and non-applicants to understand their expectations and be able to generate an appropriate value proposition

It’s crucial that you truly understand what applicants want your employer brand to attract and meet their expectations, which range from pay and job security to deeper details like the work environment and future growth projections. However, the employer brand should not only prioritize the perception of the applicants, but also of the other people who are already part of the company, which means that you will have to make an effort to cover both fronts of job expectations.

  1. Give yourself feedback with testimonials from your employees

Related to the previous point, you need to communicate with your current employees to get their feedback about what they perceive of the company as an employer brand today and how they could improve in the future. Keep in mind that to work on your employer brand you must always start with the active personnel in the company, if they have a bad image of it, the applicants will also have it, and these are your main spokespersons. Therefore, ask the questions that you think are pertinent and value each answer you receive.

  1. Keep interest around your brand

A very effective way to attract new talent to consolidate them in jobs offered by the company is to generate interest around corporate activities and maintain it constantly. How to start? You can boost the individual and collective image of the most outstanding executives internally so that they are perceived as leaders in the sector and ambassadors of your employer brand. An internal and external corporate communication plan must also be established for the media and events related to the employer sector.

  1. Focus on the experience of newly hired employees

The first impression of the newly recruited staff must be the most special if you want them to become an ambassador of your employer brand. To achieve a unique experience in them, you must develop an organizational socialization strategy (also called on boarding) so that new employees are integrated quickly and flexibly.

Do the steps above and you will be able to work your employer brand well.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash