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Do you dream to boost your resto business but feeling fearful that the marketing budget might get hurt?

For many start-up restaurants, the challenge is tough. One way to get through the edge is creativity; this time, using restaurant guerrilla marketing strategy to attract more loyal customers for your business.

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a method which costs a minimum amount but requires a lot of fresh ideas and creativity. By using marketing messages and strategies to connect with your fans, it is an effective way to promote your business especially if you are just starting.

As a restaurant owner, the struggle to manage your store on a day to day basis has become a lifestyle. However, if you wish to choose guerrilla marketing for your business; you need to find some time to sit and think about your next creative move.

Here’s how to start a restaurant guerrilla marketing to amplify your food business:

A Concrete Plan

Never attempt to start this strategy without a concrete plan. You should first do some readings and research. To find inspiration, look for restaurants online who did it and succeeded using this kind of marketing. Another strategy is to use a benchmarking approach by studying your competitor’s strategy.

Read books about guerrilla marketing. If your budget permits, choose to attend marketing seminars too. Always remember that ideas and creativity are your investments when you choose to use a guerrilla marketing strategy.

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Move On

Not all your marketing effort will bring a satisfactory result. But, one thing is for sure; you’ll definitely learn. Using guerrilla marketing approach will force you to study your customers. What do they like? What do they love? What excites them? Sometimes, it is not all about your restaurant. Most of the time, it is all about the emotion that people will feel that makes them visit your place.

So when one, two, or three ideas seem not working well, focus on the learning part and move on to your next plan.

Never Stop

The key to successful guerrilla marketing is consistency. You’ll need to continue following the plan, tweak and twist it until you realized the strategy that best works.

Some Guerrilla Marketing for Restaurants:

  1. Collectible mugs
  2. Eco bags for take out
  3. T-shirts
  4. Picture perfect corner
  5. Use your car to advertise your resto
  6. Flyers and posters on strategic locations
  7. Join conventions
  8. Ask customers for referrals
  9. Facebook or online contests
  10. Ask customers to tag your Facebook page

Make sure that you’ll always include the complete address or location map. Also, put your contact number. Make sure to use striking logos and designs.

Restaurant guerrilla marketing is a worthwhile endeavor that can make the most for your business.