Build Positive Team Spirit

One of the most fundamental assets of your business is the employees within it. About 75% of employees rate collaboration and teamwork as “very important”. This is why taking your time to work on your team’s spirit and good relations between its members is crucial. You will often be able to improve it without too much effort and additional work from your HR department. 

The point is to understand your team members and their needs. With that, you will have a basis for developing a plan of where to improve and how to do to it. In other words, a plan for building a positive team spirit in your workers.


  • What constitutes a team environment?


Building a team environment in your business isn’t simple. In order to efficiently develop teams, it is crucial to understand that:

  • Team spirit stands at the top. Creating effective teams with the right spirit starts from the CEO level of a company. The right team culture begins with the flattening of the organizational pyramid.
  • Individuals should fit in the culture – some persons are team players, while others are not. However, everything can be learned, including teamwork skills. Since it only takes one person with the wrong attitude to undermine the efforts of an entire team, hire only individuals with the right traits for teamwork.


  • Volunteering


Involving your business in volunteering encourages both your company and its workers to give back to the community, while simultaneously promoting the cause they care about. Community services such as sponsoring a team of workers in a charity walk will not only enable your business to give back to its community but also draw your employees together.

You can also have volunteers and interns at your own company since this creates better social bonding between your older employees and potential new workers. It is advantageous that you use name badges as a personal identification method so that your newer employees and other team members can easily recognize each other. Moreover, they also provide accountability to employees that wear them and act as great conversation starters.


  • Rewards


Workers need to know that their hard work is appreciated. You, as an owner, have to communicate to them that their work means something to the business and that they are valued for it. Rewards can come in different shapes, such as bonuses and higher paychecks, or as a job perk. Although, sometimes, they don’t have to be something you pay for. 

In some situations, it’s enough for the workers to know that their work is being appreciated and that you value their contribution to the business. It’s fundamental that rewards are presented publicly and transparently so that everything is open and fair. 


  • Sports


You as a manager can try to plan activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle as an element of company ideas for increasing team spirit within the business. There are many different sports activities that can get your employees moving – from wall climbing and bicycling to trekking and jogging. 

When you emphasize fitness activities, it shows that you’re committed to your worker’s health as well as cultivating team spirit and employee participation. For instance, you can set aside an hour each week from the employee’s work and leave the office to participate in sports activities. 

Ensuring that employees realize that they’re a part of the team is one of the best antidotes to an insular, narrow-minded work attitude. This will make sure that there is a willingness on everyone to pull in a single direction, regardless of the work and task at hand.