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Bravo Filipino | How Successful People Stay Productive and Be More Successful |As Filipino urban warriors, we all know too well that we excessively waste more than enough of our lives sitting through the daily traffic that is Metro Manila. You don’t even need to have a 9-5 job to experience the rush hour, you kind of just have to drive out of your garage and bam! Traffic. We’re not just talking about vehicular traffic here, there are also endless lines in the MRT, restaurants, banks, government offices — everywhere! The. Ultimate. Productivity. Killer. 

Still, time is the most valuable of all scarce resources. And if you’re like every other Manileño who just wants to make a decent living, the best way to deal with it is to focus on the things that we can actually control. So, how do people stay productive and achieve success despite the situation? Don’t be surprised that increasing efficiency in your life doesn’t have to involve complicated lifestyle changes. 

Checklist, Checklist, Checklist

With a trusty pen and a small notebook, list down the tasks you have to accomplish for the day. Apply the 80/20 rule — identify 20% of the tasks that will account for 80% of results and write them in order of priority This way, when you eventually get to start your workday, you know exactly which task to tackle first. Soon enough, you’ll be crossing off items from that list and find yourself accomplishing more work than usual. If you’re not so much of a detail-oriented person, you can expand the checklist to a weekly basis to allow more room for flexibility. But basically, by concretizing what you need to do, you psyche yourself into thinking that you can’t have the day/weekend without completing the tasks. 

Piecemeal Approach

Have you ever availed of a gym membership, only to show up a handful of times and never go back? Yes, I know, there are so many things to do, but so little time! But let me simplify it for you. Why not break up the activity into bite-size pieces to make it more manageable? Whether the goal is to lose weight, or to be a published author before 30, there will be some way to divide your tasks into subtasks. Perhaps, instead of aiming for 2-hour sessions at the gym thrice a week, try 30-minute sessions daily? Find out what works for you. Plus, consistency is key. Once you’ve been able to build up the right habits and start seeing results, you’ll find yourself even getting excited to accomplish your tasks. 

Leverage Technology

This is old news, but the truth is, technology does make life easier for everyone. So, it only makes sense to apply what it has to offer to all aspects of our life. There are tons of tools that allow you to outsource your most time-consuming tasks. There is even distraction blocking apps that help you get rid of what’s stopping you from accomplishing your work. You can do these too with a smartphone, at whichever line you’re stuck in! With technology, you may never even have to line up in a bank, ever. EON helps you skip the lines by bringing banking right at your fingertips. Opening an account, adding funds to it, transferring and sending money to other banks, taking out loans or insurance products, paying bills – you can do all of these online! Download the EON Bank PH app to try it now or visit to learn more. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and we, Filipinos, are not really left much of a choice. Our circumstances call us to level up into becoming a more efficient and productive citizen, especially outside the lines and the traffic. And the common thread here is really to be productive and smarter about the way you work and to be creative in experimenting with ways that allow you to accomplish more with the time on hand. So, the next time you find yourself stuck in another carmageddon — make the most out of it!