BETTER ROAD. The Department of Public Works and Highways-Nueva Ecija 2nd District Engineering Office has completed the road improvement project in one of Nueva Ecija's primary roads along the section of Jose Abad Santos Avenue to prevent early deterioration of the pavements caused by the passage of heavy vehicles. Five other road improvements were completed by the department in the province. (Photo courtesy of DPWH Region 3)

Bravo Filipino | DPWH Finishes 6 Road Projects in Nueva Ecija | In the municipalities of San Isidro and Cabiao in Nueva Ecija, six road repair projects were completed on Friday that are expected to make travel more convenient and speedier for drivers and commuters.

Projects financed under the DPWH-Nueva Ecija 2nd District Engineering Office’s 2021 budget included two asphalt overlay and two road reblocking projects at the different parts of Jose Abad Santos Avenue (JASA), a high-volume road, and two local road concreting projects.

The 5.7174-lane-kilometer segment of one of Nueva Ecija’s main roads, according to Trinidad, needs an asphalt overlay project to prevent early deterioration of the pavements caused by heavy cars.

A total of 3.977 lane kilometers of the road have been repaired due of complaints about the crumbling pavements along JASA in previous years, he stated in a social media post.

Another government official stated that two local roads with total lengths of 1.452 lane kilometers were part of their agency’s plans to repair roads in the barangays.

There are a number of road development projects being implemented in Nueva Ecija to help the government’s efforts to increase mobility and boost economic activity.

Local road improvements in Jaen and General Tinio, completed by the DPWH-Nueva Ecija 2nd District Engineering Office in November, helped the government achieve its goal of improving mobility along the areas to stimulate economic activity.

Trinidad claims that these projects improve access to local markets and other government services, including health facilities, schools, public transit, and other public utilities. (PNA)