Domino’s Pizza PH
Domino’s Pizza PH crew supports repatriated OFWs and seafarers quarantined in 2GO ships.

Bravo Filipino | Domino’s Pizza Philippines Serves Repatriated OFWs and Seafarers Quarantined in 2GO Ships as part their free pizza drop operation for front liners and people affected by the pandemic.

So near, yet so far.

That was probably how many repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and seafarers felt when they arrived in the Philippines but were whisked away into docked ships as part of the Philippine government’s quarantine program for returning Filipino workers from abroad.

It’s a good thing that 2GO Shipping hosted the OFWs and seafarers, as part of their commitment to help the government during the pandemic. 2GO Shipping converted two of their vessels into “quarantine ships” that were docked at Pier 15, Port Area in Manila. The two ships housed 344 repatriates.

Recently, in support of the Filipino repatriates, Domino’s delivered pizza to the 2GO ships. It was part of the pizza company’s commitment to serve the communities they serve – wherever they are.

dominos pizza ph food drop
Free food delivery for the quarantined OFWs c/o Domino’s Pizza Philippines.

Caren Aguado, Domino’s Pizza Marketing Manager said, “With the relief effort that we organized, we hope that our pizzas have made them feel delighted and loved amidst a time of crisis where half the world has stopped and they are part of the other half still keeping us all afloat.”

Aguado added that when they heard that there were OFWs on-board the shipping vessels of 2GO, the company knew how much their fellow kababayans would appreciate it if they showed them their support by delivering them pizzas that they have enjoyed for years.

Domino’s partnered with Fonterra and Coca Cola to organize the free pizza drop.

In a statement, Fonterra’s Food Service Director, Jay Punongbayan, said, “We are fortunate to be part of Domino’s Pizza Philippines’ effort to support our beloved OFWs/seafarers who are currently under quarantine on board 2GO shipping vessels. It is the power of supporting each other that will propel us through this to better times.”

dominos 2go 4
Repartriated OFWs/Seafarers aboard 2 vessels of @GO shipping availed of free Domino’s Pizza.

Coca Cola Philippines, for their part, have committed and redirected their advertising space and budgets towards supporting COVID-19 relief and response efforts for the most affected communities. The pizza drop initiated by Domino’s Pizza PH for repatriated OFWs was one of the opportunities to show their support to an affected community that was on-board the 2GO ships.

Allan Quilantang, 2GO Vessel Hotel Services Manager said that, “Dominos Pizza brought immeasurable joy to our OFWs and seafarers.”

dominos 2go crew 1
The Domino’s PH crew worked hand-in-hand for the pizza drop.

Domino’s service crew worked overtime to feed all 344 repatriated OFWs onboard the 2GO ships.  The coordination extended to their managers and executives who declared an all-hands on-deck posture in order to serve their fellow Filipinos who they referred to as modern-day heroes. Overseas Filipino Workers account for billions of dollars in cash inflows that have helped boost the Philippine economy. One out of every 10 Filipino households has a member working overseas.

“Domino’s is a small pizza player in the Philippines with a big aspiration to serve the community. During this unprecedented time, the Filipino’s innate kindness to support his fellow kababayans have come to fore,” intimated Roy Quejada, Domino’s Pizza Philippines’ General Manager.

The repatriated OFWs and seafarers may have missed their families a little longer, but the Domino’s Pizza PH team and their partners made sure that they were part of the bigger Filipino family.