Charity Shopping

Imagine getting your hands on a hundred-dollar jacket for the winter, at just ten dollars! This is a real possibility if you skip the expensive boutiques and look for something used and high-quality. If you are a student or you are still trying to find your feet in life then charity shopping is the option for you.

Charity shopping is a great option for many reasons. Number One – you save a lot of money. The other big reason is that you are promoting a sustainable lifestyle – by reusing perfectly good apparel you reduce the wasteful impact of the fashion industry on the environment. And there is no dearth of places to look for exciting bargains. Organizations like have an extensive charity retail network and the proceeds go to various noble causes for the community.

Before you go charity shopping, check out these following tips that will help you spend your hard-earned money in the best way possible.

Be Ready For Some Washing

Don’t get turned off by a few frayed or grubby corners or a small tear in the inner lining. It is always a good rule to wash your charity shop findings before you wear them so they will look much fresher and newer than they do in the store.

Look For Classic Styles

Do not go into a charity shop expecting to find the latest in fashion. Instead go in there hoping to carve a classic look into your existing wardrobe. If you are to find newer accessories, you would be very lucky. Vintage clothes are timeless so you might just find yourself some treasures that will make your friends envy.

A World Full Of Surprises

When you enter a charity shop, do so with an open mind. Have a rough idea of what you are looking for but don’t restrict yourself. The clothes in a charity shop will not be arranged like they would in a regular store. You will have to jump into the pile and carefully go through the apparel.

Keep in mind another trade secret. It is possible that you will come across some clothes that are actually extra inventory that did not get sold and were eventually donated by clothing stores. A lot of these will not have the tags on them.

Know The Staff

Say hello to the people who work at the charity store. They are amazing folks, playing their part in helping so many people. If you are friendly, they might just go the extra mile and tell you about some fine articles they might have seen while arranging the stocks. Visit the shop often – the stocks keep getting updated.

Do not feel like you are compromising when you shop at a charity shop. Charity shopping is a wonderful option because it is the greener option and your money goes for a good cause. Besides saving a lot of money, you are contributing to good initiatives like care for the homeless, education for vulnerable children and many more. Experiment and enjoy the adventure of charity shopping.