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A Business traveler, though it sounds like work with leisure, is meant to accomplish something great with impact. In fact, the word “travel” here may mean hassle or exhaustion more than relaxation. It is because if you are off to a business trip, you must pack all the important things for the task at hand – to personally meet your client in his or her time and place. It may seem daunting, like reality show races or familiar scenes in action films, but don’t fret when it’s your time to travel for work or business. Surely, there are things that can help you be prepared for your travels such as a multi-functional wristwatch. But which watch is best suited for your needs? Here are the factors you should consider:

The best watch for a business traveler is robust and chic for your attire.  To travel to your represent company is no joke, and you must don an ensemble of clothes that let you exude that you are ready to do business.  For this reason, the business traveler’s watch should look good with your business attire. Perhaps it may show your sporty side or penchant for simple accessories but try your best to wear a watch blends well and ideally to all your travel clothes.

The best watch for a business traveler is sturdy. A trip for a professional dealing may also demand you to travel on foot, hop from office to office, or even play golf with your partners. The fact that you are on-the-go, anything that you wear might be subject to scratches, spills, or friction. Thus, your wristwatch should also be ready for anything, from close quarters on a busy commute to water or rain. Ideally, your watch should be fashionable yet low maintenance. The last thing you want to do is be late for a meeting because your watch malfunctioned.  

The best watch for a business traveler has time zone complication. When you are a businessperson, you may find yourself flying from country to country. Thus, the best watch for you should have a time zone complication. Remember, travelers need to adjust their body clock when they enter a place with a different time zone. Your watch is no exception. Since you are not at the comfort of your home or main office, what you need is ample time to freshen up, to rest, to prepare for the presentation, etc. The last thing you want to have to worry about is your watch. A timepiece with a time zone complication is not only convenient, especially if you visit the other country often, but it also helps you with communication. For example, if you need to contact someone at your main office, a quick glance at your watch can help you determine if it is currently an office hour. Time difference is not only a problem for the traveler, but also for the people working back on your home turf. A time zone complication is a functional part of your watch with uses outside of just telling time. 

Best watch for a business traveler shows time even in low-light situations. Anything can happen when you are on the road, especially when you are on a business trip. With the limited time you have abroad, you often try and make the most of your time, setting meetings at whatever hour you can, arriving early in the morning, and leaving on a red-eye in the evening. Your watch should be ready for anything, and that includes the time of day itself. Having a watch that you can read at whatever time of day, under any lighting situation, can be helpful especially when you need to check the time quick and do not necessarily feel safe bringing out your smart phone. You are in a place that is foreign to you, so it is better to be safe than sorry. 

The best watch for a business traveler has a day and date complication. When you are on the road for an extended period of time, the days tend to blend into one another. Even more, you may lose track of the date because of the exact time zone you are in. Sometimes, you may gain or lose a day after getting off your flight. It is important to have a day and date complication on the watch of a business traveler to be able to more conveniently keep track of these things. Meetings are set on days, dates, and times, and being late or missing the meeting completely are inexcusable things, especially if the person you are meeting with is just a prospective customer. Being on time is a sign of respect and being late is a sign of disrespect because it is like letting the other party know that their time is not important to you. You never want to make that impression on them.

There is an array of watches for business travelers, such as the Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph which also fit adventurers and the luxurious Tissot Swiss Quartz which has GMT functionality. Tempus have a wide selection of watches that would fit any business traveler’s need, and they have branches in Mall of Asia, Ayala Mall Centrio, and SM Lanang Premier. 


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