Bravo Filipino | Bayanihan Spirit: Helping Hand of GIDC Philippines | These past few weeks, different typhoons hit the Philippines consecutively. On October 23, 2020, on the east of Mindanao, there is a Low-Pressure Area that was developed into a Tropical Depression, “Quinta”. The strength of this Tropical Depression Quinta was maintained while it’s moving west-northward towards Bicol Region. The affected areas that experienced the intensified of the typhoon was Albay-Camarines Sur. Many families lost their homes and also there are casualties been reported.

GIDC Philippines didn’t think twice to help the people who need a helping hand. They traveled from Bulacan to Bicol to give donations to feed some families who are starving due to lack of food resources.

Quinta relief 3 GIDC PhilippinesQuinta relief GIDC Philippines

You will see on the faces of the Bicolano children that the burden from their family was temporarily eased at that moment. Unfortunately last November 1, the Bicol Region was routed again by the typhoon. This is not just a typhoon but the world’s most powerful tropical cyclone in 2020, Tropical Cyclone Rolly.

Rolly was a super typhoon as it made landfall twice in the Region of Bicol. Another two landfalls in the Region of Calabarzon. But calamities will never stop GIDC Philippines from helping the typhoon victims.

Another Typhoon hit the Philippines, this recent typhoon was the deadliest tropical cyclone to hit the country this year. Typhoon Ulysses is the Philippines’ 21st tropical cyclone for 2020 which hit Luzon the hardest. This typhoon unleashed powerful winds and torrential rains that destroyed houses claimed lives and left flooded different regions of Luzon. GIDC Philippines showed again the Bayanihan spirit for their Filipino brethren who experienced this typhoon.