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BravoFilipino.com | Viber groups and Facebook Messenger chats have been circulating messages on the so-called next step by Malacañang and the IATF should they decide to no longer extend the Enhanced Community Quarantine or the ECQ.

Here ‘s the message that has been circulating:

After the 15th of May, if the ECQ will not be extended anymore, we should all assume that a GCQ will be imposed on ALL of the regions affected by the COVID-19. Let us help Malacañang in informing people of the new normal we have to follow. Familiarize yourselves to avoid confusion.

General Community Quarantine (GCQ) Rules:

1. Selected workers in non-essential services are allowed to go to work.

● electronics
● exports
● manufacturing
● e-commerce
● delivery
● repair services
● maintenance
● housing

2. Half of employees work from home, 50 percent are working on site:

● Finance
● Business process outsourcing (BPO)
● Non-leisure trade and service

3. Will remain CLOSED:

● Schools
● Amusement centers
● Leisure facilities
● Gaming
● Tourism services

4. NOT permitted to leave the house:

● Children (0 to 20 years old)
● Elderly (60 years old and above)
● People with high-risk health issues

5. ONLY shops catering to NECESSITIES will be allowed to re-open in malls. Malls will limit entry of shoppers.

6. Airconditioning will be limited in malls. WIFI will not be provided. NO loittering allowed.

7. Priority construction projects can resume

8. Nonworkers are allowed to buy food and go out to avail of essential services

● Allowed will be people who are 21 to 59 years old.
● EXCEPT again: children, elderly, vulnerable people

9. Public transport can operate at reduced capacity.

10. Local government units shall ENFORCE CURFEW for nonworkers.

11. Airports and ports can only operate for the unhampered DELIVERY OF GOODS.

Plans of going out or reunions after May 15 are still not entirely possible. You are REQUIRED to bring an I.D. that specifies your AGE and ADDRESS wherever you go. Checkpoints will still be in place. You will still be questioned if you defy the rules.

We need to abide by the guidelines. Be aware that we are trying to avoid a second wave which is considered to be more damaging than the first.

These are the levels of quarantine in various provinces based on the April 24 announcement of the National Task Force Against COVID19 [1].

1. Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) until Mayo 15, 2020:

Metro Manila (as a region)
Nueva Ecija
Oriental Mindoro
Occidental Mindoro

2. Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) until May 15 but can be changed by April 30, 2020:

Cebu City
Davao del Norte
Davao City
Davao de Oro

3. General Community Quarantine (GCQ)

Starting May 16, 2020 (subject to change by April 30).

Source: National Task Force Against COVID19 https://twitter.com/ntfcovid19ph/status/1253654924610736128

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